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detour4me - July 6

i had s_x one time in march and i havent had a period since. i took a preganancy test in may and it came back postive. i havent seen a doctor yet. i have most of the early pregnancy symptoms and now i jus gaining weight. my belly button is starting to poke out. im so scared but could there be another reason for this besides im pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - July 6

Good grief! What other explanation could there be? S_x, no period, pregnancy signs, belly growing and a positive pregnancy test. The test is almost never wrong. Your baby is due in early December. Please start prenatal care by calling the local County Health Department. Visit for more help. Good luck!


MaMa 2 B - July 6

o hunni....u r for sure pregnant but if you have any doubt go to the doctor and they will let you kno for sure!! but with all u said i'm pretty sure your pregnant....but u def. need ta get to the doctor...ur further along than me! and i been ta the doctor 3 times already!! the first months r the most important so plz get ta the doctor asap!! and good luck! =]]


lilmomma88 - July 6

Your belly b___ton is poking out already? Wow, mine didn't until about 6 months!


EricaLynn - July 7

Well Im due in December too, and my belly b___ton isnt poking yet, I dont think I have even gained any weight, maybe a pound, and Ive been to the doctor three times had two ultra sounds and listened to the heart beat, you should really get some prenatal care and vitamins ASAP.


Joelle - July 16

no your baby isnt due early dec my last period was march 22 and my baby is due dec 27th:) u need to get the hell to the doctors and take the pre needle vitams and stuff before you baby isnt doing good.


PrettyShadows - July 17

No. You can never get a fake positive. You NEED to see your doctor as you are putting your unborn baby's life in jepordy by not getting the necessary care! Especially as you'd be four months gone. The care is essential! You also need to talk to your parenst adn your boyfriend, if you are still with him. Or the baby's father if you aren't with him. Without prper care you and your baby are at risk.



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