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Robyn - May 21

Im 14 weeks pregnant (well about that) and i haven't been to the docors yet or told my mum. i live in England and i need 2 know how can i make a doctors appointnent to get a scan and get pre-natal care and all that because i want to have a healthy prgnancy and my boyf has just accepted that he's gonna be a dad. Does anyone know how i can make an appointment in ENGLAND without my mum knowing, i dont want her knowing till i have gone past the time that she can make me have an abortion please reply and luv ya x x x


J - May 21

What is the time limit on abortion in England?


robyn - May 21

its 24 weeks


robyn - May 21

i know it's sick but yeah thats what it is x x x x


Grandpa Viv - May 21


Robyn - May 21

I still really unsure how i can actually get an appointment x X x


Grandpa Viv - May 21 (no hyphens) might also help. Basically, you are asking a phone book lookup question, and perhaps you don't have those skills. Do you not have an NHS doctor? Ask someone at school or the library for a hand.


Robyn - May 21

Well i didn't know if i could phone up my doctor and book an appointment without my mum or dad there with me x X x


ellie - May 23

tell ur mum ur goin shopping or something, and find out the closest medical centre. go and make an appointment hopefully for the same day, tell them your situation. i am pretty sure that they arent allowed to say anything to your parents, and if they are, they are not likely to call them up and tell them now, are they. (try and go to a medical centre that your parents dont visit) i think they have better things to do than stir up trouble. you are doing the right thing hunny, i m proud. you are putting your babys life in front of yourself and the trouble you are going to get from not tellin ur parents. one thing i should tell u, if u r gunna b pretending your not pregnant, make sure you mark dates on the calender that you are meant to have your period, and act accordingly, for example, ask ur mum for tampons etc. i know this becos thats how my mum found out. good luck hun. ..:.:: baby dust to all::.:..


Robyn - May 23

cheers Ellie:D well i was at school today and the head mistress took me into her office and foned up my mum. She wants me 2 have an abortion but said it's up 2 me and i', going for a scan 2moro with my mum and the baby daddy and we're going 4 lunch l8a 2 talk things thru cheers 4 the advice!!:):):) x X x X x X x



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