Im Only 12

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lex - June 24

im not sure what country u r in but in england u can get a hostel if your parants kick u out and wait for a council house. but try and find some surport there will be groups u can go 2 that won't discriminate u because of your age


seth - June 27

no,they will find out


b___bear - June 27

do you think your pregnant? Have you not gotten your period?


melinie - July 1

hi well im 16 and 8 weeks pregnant. And iknow that at a young abortion aproaches the mind alot, but you do what you want. Dont worry about telling your family i still havnt told mine. But you do what you believe.


Meagan - July 1

Tell your parents. They may be upset at first, but they will learn to accept this and help you through it. Since you are so young, your body might not be able to handle a baby. Ask your doctor. Don't kill the baby because of your mistakes. If you want to talk more my e-mail is [email protected]


Candi - July 1

Hey Izzy I am 16 and just had a baby so I know what u are going thur , my mother didn't find out until I was 8 months pregnant, but I did have prenatal care , don't worry they won't kick u out that's just talk, my moms was like that but she was mad at first now she act like the baby is her's so just sit down and talk or write a note telling them, now u need all the help u can get


simone - July 2

Hi, I am a mother, I can tell you I would not be happy if my daughter came home pregnant, BUT in saying that I would Not kick her out either, If an abortion is what you want then the earlier you find out if you r pregnant the easier it will be, if you are 9 weeks or under, it is done by tablets it is a medical abortion called mifepristone (RU486)NO SURGERY IS NEEDED. But PLEASE tell you parents or go and see your doctor, so you can decide what you want to do. best of luck


emma - July 5

well i been that way but i losted it but my mum didnt now but i told her but she went mad but it was all right so dont worry about it just care for your baby.


emma im 15 - July 5

i got peg and lost it but my x boyfrend didnt belife me so i just lefted it alone but im a bet up set becases i lost it but i wish i didnt loss it so i could been a mother


emma im 15 - July 5

i got preg but dont worry about your family just care fore your baby tank care


emma - July 5

im 15 i got a baby so dont worry


Haliey - July 5

Hi izzy i am twelve and in the same story but i told my parents and of couse very mad with me but i am now 4 months pregnant and my parents surport me all the way they will always love u cause they put u on earth the same way u will feel wen u put your child on earth


sam - July 6

Hi izzy-If you are pregnant and are going to keep the baby then their is no way your parents wont eventually find out..If you are and are going to carry on with the pregnancy your parents must be told sooner rather than later so that you can get the prenatel visits/appts needed in pregnany. I am 5 months pregnant and i am 16 years old-i found it really hard telling my mum,she did'nt talk to me for a few days but now she is looking forward to the birth of her new grandchild. Your parents may be cross at first but if you talk to them they will be able to help..Also their are a few other sites that you can talk to experts on who may be able to help.. If you find it hard talking to your parents do you have any older brothers or sisters?or any other older family members that yo can confide in?if you feel more comfortable talking to someone else in your family or someone close to the family then do so.. If you wanna chat then feel free to email me.. [email protected] Luv ~*Sam*~


Nicki - July 9

they cant kick you out! also what ever happens dont get an abortion!! because the baby has a right to live!!!


crystal - July 12

izzy i would suggest that u go talk to you're nurse or school counsler, they would be able to help u, about hidding the pregnancy it would be kinda hard cause u would start showing, but in case they do find out and they kick u out, theres help out there dont give up ok and do what you're heart and mind tells u good luck izzy.


Soleil - July 12

First of all, no 10 yr old or 12 yr old should be having s_x in the first place, im 15 and still a virgin. It is ur mistake though and ur going to have to live with it for the rest of ur life, dont make ur parents be ur baby's parents just cuz ur too young, take some responsibility for ur actions and help with the raising of ur child, becuz it is ur baby and ur responsibility not ur parents.



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