Im Only 13

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im dead already - September 26

i dont no if im pregnant or not its been atlesst 2to3 months would i be showing?im still skinny but i have a kinda hard thing in my stomach and im alittle dizzy thats all the semtoms i have but wouldent i be fat or want to eat or somethin im like freaking out if im pregnat ill killmyself i dont no wat to do plz help me i cant do this


please write back - September 26

Please do not worry you're probbly a good person who is scard don't be go to a cvs buy a test and take it relax please don't kill yourself I care


Lily - September 26

Don't worry, just take a pregnancy test and find out or if you want to be completely accurate, go to the doctors and find out. There are plenty of options just in case you are


amanda - September 26

OK you need to calm down a little. when did you start getting your period? most of the time when you first start getting your period you can skip a couple of months and nothing is wrong.and did you use any protection when you had s_x? are you feeling any nausea? tiredness? sore and growing b___bs? do you urinate more frequently? these are some symptoms of pregnancy and you may be getting dizzy because you are freaking yourself out. Please go to the nearest drugstore or grocery store and buy a test, they are usually very accurate and if you are pregnant then you need to find out so that you can get prenatal care right away. Just try to stay calm and do the test and it will hopefully be negative, and please use protection so that you really don't have to worry about this again.


Anne - September 27

I'm 13 also. I am now about 15 weeks pregnant. My boy friend and started having s_x when I was 12 1/2 I told my mom and she was sad and disappointed that I was pregnant but she has been standing by me and is helping get threw it. I'm still going to school. All my friends want to know what it is like to heve a baby growing inside you and other think Im a s___t. I can go to school until I have the baby and then when I'm ready I can come back. My boy friend thinks it cool that I'm having a baby but he's not much help. If I can do it so can you. If you want a baby I hope your pregnant if you don't want a baby I hope it is negative. Love and keep us posted because you are not alone.



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