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ditchedteenmom - July 5

around july 17th, ill be 3 months pregnant. i still havnt told my mom or anyone else in my family except for my cousin whose distant from our family. the dad does know...but we broke up a week after we had s_x. a month later i found out i was pregnant. all my friends know. all believe me except for one. i believe i am already showing. because im getting bigger in my stomach area and ive gained 10 lbs. ive been a honor student in high school and im now a junior in high school. i have my whole future planned but now. this all happened. i need any advice anyone can give. from how to break it to my mom to the baby gets to one years old. i would really appreciate it. thanks so much.


mummy2jess - July 6

At the end of the day you are going to have this baby. When i waspregnant i jus came out of it, at the end of the day, whats the worst that could happen? As long as u and the baby are okay, hopefully you're mum will be okay, it will be natural for to be angry, but shes your mother. Try leaving her a note before you leave for school, or before you go ut, then come back when u know she has read it. Or ask to speak to her, u need to tell her before u start to show becuse she may feel like u cant trust her by keeping it from her. It will be fine, have u had any prenatal care? u shud have a scan soon aswel, good luck sweetie, ur life can still carry on with a child, i have a 7month old, on my own in a house (my dad pa__sed away when my daughter was born, my daughers baby left me) im in college next year, doin a three year course, and my daughter is very happy and crawling around being a terror.....and i cudnt be happier. My email is [email protected] if u need 2 talk xxxxx


sunshyne9 - July 6

If you feell that your life is all planned out and maybe this baby doesn't fit in.. have y ou ever thought about Adoption?? there are many many many families out there looking for a baby to love and care for as they cannot hve one.. I know many people who were adopted themselves and have lead a great life..Its a huge decision.. and maybe after you tell your mom she can help you with some choices.. I knew a girl too who got pregneat the first time she had s_x and she too was a good girl..Doesnt make you a bad person what so ever.. and doesn't make your choices any easier.. Just make the right ones that will suit you the best.. Good luck and keep us posted..


KrystalWiddaKay - July 6

You can still do things that you want to do. Just add another person. I still plan on working at Google someday.


Emma2 - July 7

The best is way is to sit her down and just do it quickly. If you stall you'll lose your nerve. I am sure she will be upset but i'm also sure she'll get over it. You need support the faster you tell her the more she can help you. HAve you been to see a dr. yet?


DorothyL - July 7

Just tell her... I did and I t00k a huge lecture, she even s0rta tried t0 talk me int0 n0t keeping it. If It's her j0b t0 take care 0f u, and I am sure she w0nt kill u... ur future will never c0me 0ut the way u plan it, y0u will learn this as u get 0lder... and trust me, u need ur m0thers help.


krystina - July 9

i got pregnant when i was 17 and i always thought if i got pregnant i could never tell my mom .. but when i actually had to yea i was scaredd like u .. but what i did is i wrote her a letter and left it somewhere she`d find it and i went out with some friends... and i came home later after she went to sleep and she had leftme a note back saying we were gonna talk the next day over dinner ... and it all worked out good im 7 1/2 months now && my mom is so supportive shes going to adopt my baby with my stepdad and i thought he woudl kill me! so u never know how ur parents will react in a situation this serious till it actually happens


Jaqi - July 9

Ditched sweetie, let me put this as blunt but nice as I can. You need to tell your parents because of several reasons: 1) You need to go to the dr and start your vitamins and checkups 2) They are going to figure it out sooner or later 3) Tell them out of respect for you, them and your baby. This child is not a curse, it won't ruin your life. Don't blame it because you want to party and go out with friends. You can have baby, still graduate with honors ( a baby doesn't make you stupid, the person is stupid already ). You can go to college, etc. If you can't handle the reality of life, there is adoption. If you take your time and plan things out, you will do just fine and your baby will be fine! Good luck!



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