Im Only 4

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todd - September 8

omg this site is soooooo fake and crazy. too many people out there like me that post crazy made up stories. SERIOUSLY TAKE THE TIME THAT YOU SPEND ON HERE AND GET A JOB


Steve - September 2

Hell ya Todd! I agree, this site makes me laugh every day!


amanda - September 3

you guys are seriously retarded :)


Jess - September 3

It is true that A LOT of the stories on here are wind ups. Silly little girls do it for a laugh, because they are bored, for attention, as a bet, a group joke with friends..... You can usually see through the wind ups as the poster either never posts again after their original post or you can spot several mistakes - such as Cat Luva and Brittany. I think it's sad that people lie on here when there are genuine girls out there who need help and advice.


samuel - September 3

hey jess i think its sad how u make mental notes of who u believe is fakes lol


Sarah - September 3

Samuel - you and Brittany (you are both the same person) are complete FAKES! It's not an opinion, they are FACT. That Cat Luva girl and you (Brittany) have several mistakes in your stories which various people have pointed out. The fact that both of these girls never posted after someone said they were fake PROVES that they are fake. So shut up because you have no idea what you are talking about. Go away brittany/samuel. None of your posts contribute anything, you are abusive and rude and should not be on here.


Steve - September 3

samuel is seriously retarded too!


kennesha - September 21

im sorry, but i thought that post was hilarious!!! i cracked up when i saw.


* - September 22



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - September 22

maybe the made up stories are the one you did, maybe you need a job. Some people on here do need help and it is people like you trying to turn this into something that it is not, there are some people on here that need help. God bless you!!



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