Im Pregnant

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jenni - March 28

ok im pregnant and im 15. i no its young but im really happy about it :-) but i was jst wonderin how do i tell my dad cause my moms dead and i dont no how to tell scared hes goin be really mad and any of u hav advice plz??


maya - March 28

im sorry to hear about ur mom. first u need to go to the doctors to confirm it and get prenatal care. then u need to sit ur dad down and tell him straight. "Dad i love u and im sorry but im pregnant and i really need u. dads r harder. ur mom is probably watchin over u and ur baby right now.


lianne - March 28

arh well congratulations chik. hope u both the best of luck, i wish i was. so enjoy it. well you are going to have to tell him sooner or later, but if you want to talk add me on [email protected] i can only imagion what you are going throuugh, are you going to keep it? x x x


katie - March 28 realy sorry to hear bout ur mum..i no from experience thts dads r harder but u realy gotta tell him..and jst do it straight huni it the only far along r u do u think???


jenni - March 28

yeah im definatley keepin my baby and me and my bf have decided that jst how to tell my dad cause i love him so much and everything and i no this is goin to hurt him so bad and im about 9wks or long do u think i have before i start showing?


katie - March 28

most ppl start showin at around 3 and a half months so about 5wks but u sud really tell ur dad sonner to let him come to terms wit it cause its goin b a big shock!!!!!!!! xxx katie


ellie - March 29

aww im so jealous!!! i am 16 n i thought i was pregnant a couple of months ago and got really excited about it, and when i found out i wasnt i cried.. i still have hope that i am cos i really want to be, it is such a blessing!! god has trusted you with a little miracle!!! good luck


Grandpa Viv - March 29

Dad's are different. Cute things with flowers, cards, letters, and little hints left around the house probably won't do it. Catch him in the kitchen after you have cleaned off the table, fetch his slippers and tell him his hair is getting thicker (you get the idea), sit down on one side of the table and say "Dad, sit down, we need to have a talk".-- "I should have told you this a while back, but Jake and I have started having s_x". Good luck!


Cat - March 29

maybe you can go to a school counsellor or a minister and they can help you tell your dad


Same Boat - March 29

Yea, I'm still trying to find the b___s to tell my parents too. My b/f and I so far have decided to both be there to tell my parents and same for his... I'm not quite sure why I'm still so nervous to say something, it's not like it'll all of a sudden dissapear so I have to say something soon. But... we're not ready to live on our own just yet. I wrote my mom a letter, my dad a letter, and my b/fs parents a letter... but idk yet.



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