Im Pregnant Again

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little momma - July 29

i went to a counseling center today for some advice. im so glad i went. this baby was conceived through rape which makes it very painful for me. i cant keep it so im goin to adopt him/her out. has anyone ever went through with adoption? this is going to be so hard. how i got raped was i went to my friends house and she was staying with an older couple that are in their later 20s and they bought us beer. i thought i was going to have a good time. but the husband who is 27 got me to try his homemade wine and i could taste a crushed up pill in it and i told him i didnt want it but he made me finish it anyway. then i started blacking out and i remember him having s_x with me but i felt like there was nothin i could do. i couldnt even move. when i got home i called a trusted friend and she got me the plan B pill but it didnt work. now im pregnant bc of him. im going to file police report today. what do you think the police are going to do? will i have to face the man in court?


Teddyfinch - July 29

ummm, how did he make you finish the wine? you could have tipped it out and left. i'm sorry for what you went through, but the police may tell you to get a paternity test to make sure it was a product of rape, especially if you are active with anyone else. but good luck and make this guy suffer.


Franny - July 30

Pregnant AGAIN? Did I miss something? Well a__suming this happened at least several weeks ago, there is not much you can prove physically, right after is when you should have gone to the police and they take you to a hospital and do a "rape-kit" exam on you... Also where was your say you went to her house, but she was not there...? I am confused...Can you explain better so we can help you...?


amanda17 - July 30

Yeah since you waited they probably won't believe you. Even with a paternity test they'll just think you had s_x with him and wanted to cover it up with a rape charge. Unless you have some physical evidence of RAPE, and not just intercourse, I think they'd probably not even bother taking it to court. I didn't know you could taste a roofie anyway...? Not that I've ever been slipped one but I thought the whole purpose was that you wouldn't know it's there. All tasteless and quick


little momma - July 30

i had already been drinking so i wasnt thinking right. the wine was sweet and had a gritty taste to it. i know it wasnt just wine. i already have a 14 month old. yes i went to the police and they said they arent going knocking on his door untill i go to the dr. i would rather them wait til the baby is born before they do anything bc im not letting them get dna til the baby is born and im worried he might run. i didnt want to tell anybody about it bc thats something i wanted to put behind me, but now i cant bc im pregnant. they are bringing it to court. they said he will probably say it was consentual s_x but they can still get him for rape bc of our age difference. my friend is like in love with this man. she has s_x with him and his wife. they believe me bc the police came out that night and the wife went to jail for buying us beer. i was asleep naked when an officer woke me up for questioning about my friend and the husband. thats why the police got called


RylansMommy - July 30

Im sorry but no one should be telling her that the polcie wount belive her. One it dosnt matter if they belive you or not, and two All you'll have to do is fill out a statment at first, they will send detectives out to the house to talk to him. Then you will get to talk to the states attorney. I wated a week before I would let mom uncle (who is the head Conservation) get me to fill out a report...and ya know what I won my case. It DOSE NOT have to be right after. It just helps.


amanda17 - July 30

When my sister was raped she waited three weeks to tell the police, they just shrugged their shoulders at her. With no physical evidence what do you expect them to do? And when I was raped I went straight to the police, it was confirmed that I was raped but I had no way of tracking this guy down and neither did they. So basically I just had to walk away with a dirty rapist running about, doing god knows what to god knows who.


V9653 - July 31

I think it's accurate to warn her about the police not believing her. If there's no evidence there's a chance that they won't-it's the sad truth. It's sooo sad that as soon as the po-po decided to get strict on rapes, lots of girls starting claiming rape for soo many stupid reasons like covering up having s_x, getting back at a guy, getting sympathy, etc. So now sooo many girls who are raped aren't getting justice. I think it's safe to say this one will get justice because of statutory rape. I hope you reported the roofie cuz I'm pretty sure they can test your blood or urine and see it. If you didn't it's too late. Also, I'm pretty sure you can taste a roofie. I've heard that it's pretty tasteless, enough that it doesn't completely change the taste of the drink but if it gets down to the bottom then you can kind of get a weird difference. I mean come on, a crushed pill in your can be tasteless but with it crushed and it makes you conk out, it's bound to make a funny taste or feeling in your mouth but by the time you notice it, it's too late. For all girls out there-don't take open drinks-poor your own. Also if you notice that strange taste, feeling, or sensation-get help asap!!! Get out of there, get to someone you trust who can get you to a hospital or home to your parents-something because some things they will slip in your drink can KILL YOU, plus you will save yourself from getting raped. Little Momma I'm sorry for what happened to you, and sorry for what your going to have to go through because of it.


Malica - July 31

On statutory rape charges it would be unlikely that you would need to face him in court. All the evidence they need is the DNA test to prove it's his and your age. On an actual rape charge you will need to face your accused in court. The fact an officer found you naked is at least suggestive. BTW, homemade wine often has a different texture, sometimes tasting a bit gritty. Rohypnol is water soluble so it would not make a drink taste gritty.


little momma - August 2

i think some of yall are forgetting that there is evidence, im pregnant. i had to file my report at the same station that came out that night and they knew i had been drinking. the detective i spoke to said you cant consent to having s_x with someone like that while under the influence. thank you for your support.


AddysMummy - August 2

You being pregnant doesn't prove you were raped sweetie. It could mean you consented to s_x, got pregnant, and now are ashamed of yourself ( not that you are, just saying.. )


Malica - August 2

Unfortunately, as AddysMummy's says being pregnant doesn't prove the s_x was non-consensual. You have to be pa__sed-out drunk or very close to it before you're considered too drunk to consent. I'm not saying you weren't, but how can you prove without a doubt just how drunk you were? I also want to add that as discouraging as this sounds, I'm not trying to discourage you from pressing charges if it's what you feel you need to do. I had charges pressed with even less evidence but it was what I needed to do. Some people will heal better by trying to put it behind them -- others will heal better by standing up to their rapist. Even if you know you won't succeed in court.


Teddyfinch - August 3

little momma: all you being pregnant does is show evidence that you had s_x. without a dna test, no one knows whose it is. and without evidence of rape, you may not win your case. there has to be evidence otherwise everyone would be in jail just because of what someone else said. and once again, no one *made* you finish your drink. you chose to. next time someone tries to make you, see how they like the drink in their face.


biskz - August 9

little momma...u have to keep ur head strong and get this man convicted,no matter what other people say on here!..u was rapped and if you dont put a stop to it then he could go on to do it again..and again..and drink is no excuse for a man to do that,with or with out...but the point is ur now pregnant..and didnt want to be with this man..stand up to him keep bugging the police..get this man sent to jail,do what you have to do with regards the baby and get on with your life dont let this man bring you down and as for your friend she shouldnt be putting you in any situation like that..hope it all works out for you..



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