Im Pregnant By A 19 Year Old

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brittany - September 17

help im pregnant by a 19 year old and im only 14


Darcy - September 17

Cool - what's his #?


Ca__sy - September 17

hey Brittany my boyfriend is 19 to and im 15 and pregnant but my mom is not going to be there because she died in april my dad is there but he doesnt know and i cant talk to him like i could my mom. im just like you i dont know what to do?


! - September 17

Have you girls tried to go to counceling. this isn't the worst situation in the world. he's 19 big deal... but i'm going to almost guarentee that you will end up being single mom's unless he's truly in love with you


Kris - December 5

hey i'm in the same situation. i'm 14 and he's 19. i turn 15 in february. i'm 1 month pregnant with his baby. my parents don't know yet and i don't know how to tell them because they hate him. although i know my boyfriend is in love with me so i'm not worried about him leaving me. he knows i'm pregnant and he's been there for me through it so far. and i trust that he'll be here for me through the rest of it. he'll make a great father. but the thing is that my parents hate him and we live in Louisiana and they can press rape charges against him. but he didn't rape me because i was willing. i hope everything works out for you. do you have AOL instant messanger? because if you do we can talk on there


k - December 7

im 16 and my bfds 21 and im pregnant


Al - December 7

Reading about your situations scares me a little. In many states, a 19 year-old having s_x with a 14 or 15 year-old is statutory rape. There's a reason for that, too. Physically, you may be close to fully developed by 14 or 15. However, I know few 14 or 15 year-old boys or girls who are emotionally equipped to deal with s_x, pregnancy, and children. In many cases, a 19 year-old man who is interested in a 14 year-old girl is only interested because he can more easily manipulate her into having s_x. If he were a real man, he would try to make connections with people in his age group. All I can say is, please be careful.


hmm - December 7

what does age have to do with anything. I started dating my man when i was 15 and him 19 we have a 2 yeat old daughter i'm now 22 and he's 26


tessa - December 7

Some states that is illegal and he may go to jail for child rape


lola - December 10

what does age have to do with it????? its disgusting!!!would you have s_x with a 14 year old boy--these men are sick


leanne - December 10

One of my friends has a 6 month old baby and she is only 15.Now another one of my friends is 12 weeks pregnant.I dont know what to do to help?


Catherine - December 10

i think that if your man wants a 14-15 year old he's not with you because you have big t_ts or any thing he's with you for your personality"right". if he is a real man he will stike with you through the whole thing.



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