Im Pregnant Im 16 How Will I Tell My Parents

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Bambi123 - April 2

hey im so worried i found out i was pregnant yesterday and i was wondering how to tell my parents im so scared but im happy to be pregnant i always wanted a baby plz rite back i need help and advice as soon as possible i dont want to go through this alone


Grandpa Viv - April 2

Congratulations, Bambi! Most girls are surprised how fast their parents get over the shock and end up being supportive. Say "Mom, I've had a bad day. I need a hug" and tell her while you have her in a clinch. A few sobs will help get her sympathy, too. Everyone likes the thought of grandchildren. Don't forget to start on prenatal vitamins right away. Tell us some more. Is the dad going to be with you, or has he run? Good luck!


Bambi123 - April 2

hello grandpa viv :) thank you so much yes i hope my parents dont be angry yes my boyfriend is still with me he is very happy and excited ha.. but i just found out yesterday i did 2 tests and the both positive .. thank you so much 4 ure help and keep in touch xxxx


Bambi123 - April 2

people help me


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 2

OK, my mom always knew, but I was married so I'm not much help for you other post about 20w you can find out the gender of the baby. How old are you?


nanny 2 b - April 4

Hi Bambi, i recently found out i was going to be nan not once but twice within about 4 weeks of each other. The babies are due in August and September. My sons 16 year old girlfriend and my 15 year old daughter are both pregnant. I will be honest with you and say, at first i though oh my god what have they done, but after listening to both of them i realised that both girls had thought about it knew exactly what they wanted to do and i support their decisions. I may not agree with what they have been doing but who am i to dictate what they should do. I would have supported them both no matter what they decided. I was in the same situation 20+ years ago myself and didn't say anything till i was about 6 months for fear of what my parents might say. I was so wrong, my parents, after getting over the shock were great. It took my dad a bit longer to come to terms with things, but i guess thats a dad thing coz my husband was exactly the same. Every parent wants what they think is best for their child, but unfortunately parents aren't always right. You need to follow what you know is right for you, and your parents will come round. Some just take a little longer than others. Congratulation and take care xx


alexa08 - April 6

you could tell them you missed your period and took a test and it showed positive, if it feels easier than saying 'i'm pregnant!'. or just show them the test and let it 'do the talk'.


docbytch - April 7

Bambi...when I was 16 I became pregnant by accident. I also had a bad relationship with my mother....but basically just wound up telling her I was pregnant. She didn't get all p__sed off as I had imagined. What she DID do was sit my a__s down and give me a pretty big earful about how it would have been crazy for me to even think of keeping it. I was somewhat naive and had no opinion one way or the other. She took me to terminate the pg....a decision that was the best at the looking back. I did have a healthy baby girl 3 years later. Then 21 YEARS later I had a healthy baby boy (last OCT). Good luck...I hope you have the courage to tell them and that they will help you reach a decision. My own personal opinion is that it is probably not the best idea to have a child when you are not a legal adult...because legal custodial rights become confused. Good luck and take care!!!


Bambi123 - April 8

hello nerdy_girl 10242006 thank you very much for your message i am 16 bye bye xxxxx


Bambi123 - April 8

hello nanny 2 b thanks for your message its very kind of you 2 help but i need to no wat to expect from my parents reaction thank u xx


Bambi123 - April 8

thank you alexa08 for ya comment :):) i just dunno wat 2 do


Bambi123 - April 8

docbytch hello thank you for ya comment plz post more xx


Cat24 - April 9

bambi nobody will really know how your parents will react so there isnt much point asking strangers how you think YOUR parents would react. nanny 2 b gave her advice because she wanted to express how she felt when it was her children telling her pregnancy news. honesty is the best policy, sometimes the best thing to do is just blurt it out and hope for the best reaction. they will come round to it either way because they have to, it seems you and your bf have been planning a baby for a while so at the end of the day you shouldnt feel scared about telling your parents since you made such an adult decision in the first place.


bambi - April 9

Cat24 thank you i understand wat u mean xxx


doc_mentarycasting - April 9

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Bambi123 - April 15

doc_mentarycasting thank u very much and i will visit ur web site xxx


doc_mentarycasting - April 15

Oh, I'm sorry for any misunderstandings, it's actually not a website, but an email address. It's: lande.yoosuf(at) Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!



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