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ih8boys - March 3

sigh.. ye i duno how to start but yeah.. i think im pregnant.. its only been a week but im scared.. cuz my stomach is always hurting and stuff.. and the part where it says you nipples will have like white dots around it and stuff dat looks like goose bumps and yeah.. i have them but theyre bigger than goosebumps.. and im just scared.. am i pregnant cause my stomach is aching and also my back and my br___t or nipple is changing...? so am i pregnant?


gemini_star1983 - March 3

when did you have s_x? when was your last period?


Jamie-Lee - March 3

Do you notice if your b___bs feel heavier and a bit bigger and your nipples are a bit darker? I get pains like cramps in my stomache,is that what you mean by pains?


Tlsha - March 3

its definitely a possibility, i didnt have any signs except for b___st tenderness. take a home pregnancy test! its the best confirmation there is, otherwise you will just stress yourself out over everthing that seems to be going wrong


ih8boys - March 4

gemini_star1983: i had s_x only like a week or 2 ago.. is it still possible dat i am pregnant.. and if i am.. would the baby hold cos im only 14? Jamie-Lee : yhea my b___bs feel kinda heavier.. but since it was only a week or 2 ago.. i dont think it has gone really heavy.. and yeah i do get stomach pains all the time.. its really stressing.. even my friends are worried about me... im soo scared.. Tlsha: tlsha.. dats the funny thing.. i did take a home pregnancy test but it was negative.. i ddnt believe it because if it's negavite, y are my b___bs changing and stuff... im really scared.. and also.. i found out that the pregnancy test thing is due last 09-2004.. so offcors i will not believe it!


maren - March 4

well no offense ih8boys but your young the reason your b___bs might be growing is because your young. I know my b___bs were still growing at around 14 so that could be why they are growing. If you only had s_x a week or two ago a test would not be able to detect the pregnancy hormone. When is your period. due? Try not freak out as stress just delays your period, and wait untill you miss your period before you test again, Alright. Oh in the mean time dont have unprotected s_x, if you continue to have unprotected s_x you will most likely end up pregnant in the next year or so. I recomend that you use two methods of contraceptive to lower your chances of getting pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - March 4

Well, you would be kinda unlucky to get pregnant at first time s_x, but it does happen. Since you can't remember when it was you had s_x, I suppose there is no point in asking the date of your last period and the next. A couple of signs you might look for are unusually tired and emotional, more peeing and discharge, tummy upsets. More at and good luck!


ih8boys - March 6

grandpa viv.. im due in a week or 2 and if its delayed.. is it possible that i am pregnant if it is delayed?.. and also.. my close mates n i wer just talkin bout it todai and they kinda noticed that i look pregnant when i got into cla__s cos my cheeks got a lil chubier.. and also my "partner" sed he didnt c_m or nethin so? is it still possible? and we also compared my b___st and my friend's and dey sed mine is ALOT different from hers coz i have dots and stuff on my b___st n her is just plain.. and they said dats wat happend to their unties n stuff when dey wer pregnant.. so now im confused.. if im having this symptoms in my b___st lyk sign of pregnancy.. and he said he ddnt c_m on me or nething...? IM SO LOST.. please explain...!!.. needing answer ASAP! thank you


jessica89 - March 6

ummm let me say this chill out its only been a week try and think back to a time when you had s_x that you could have possibly have concieved it usually just takes a month before you start feeling sick and the changes in your nipples occur calm down and remeber that every child is a blessing and that god always provides a way and he nevr gives you more than you can handle you should try taking a home test and see what it says then after that try to go to a walk in clinic or some place to get a a test there they are more accurate. stay up and god bless let me know what happens i been there too!


southern_starr19 - March 6

Great answer Jessice. I completely agree.


nenny - March 6

yeah jessica89 is right your probably just going throught puberty and some symptoms dont start that early im on my second pregnancy and i have yet to get them that early but to make sure take a pregnancy test. But honestly my advice dont take it the wrong way but your very young you should try to avoid having s_x or if you do use protection.



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