Im Scared And Unsure

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kelly23 - June 11

h__lo ladies. im 17 years old and I just recently had s_x without using a condom. My boyfriend pulled out but im still worried because I know there is a chance. But the thing is, is that we did this like 3 or 4 days after my period ended. I don't even know if thats bad or good. I really just need some advice because I'm worrying myself sick and I'm not due for my period until the end of the month.


Grandpa Viv - June 11

How long and how regular is your cycle? S_x on day 8 is scarcely in the fertile window of a 28 day cycle, and not at all in the winodw of a 30 day cycle. And he pulled out. My guess is that the chance of pregnancy fro, this encounter is 5% or less. Since you have not yet ovulated, you might consider getting a prescription for Emergency Contraception and take that ASAP. Be responsible for providing the condoms from here on out - it is your future at stake - and consider using foam or film as well for backup in case of accidents. Good luck!


kelly23 - June 12

its too late to take emergency contraception. this happened about 2 weeks ago


Grandpa Viv - June 13

Kelly, it sounds like your period is due in the next few days. I do not hear you complaining of any early signs of pregnancy, so there is a good chance you are in the clear this time around. Get smart -get equipped - this same scenario is going to play out again and again.


kelly23 - June 13

i dont really know what the signs of pregnancy are. i never know when im getting my period either because its different every month due to crazy stress (i worry alot). sometimes i feel stomach pains but i dont know if its in my head or not.. i've talked to my boyfriend about it and he gets mad at me and tells me im talking stupid and that worries me more because like what if something really does happen. i'll be on my own dealing with this...


kelly23 - June 13

i also have been having discharge and have been feeling wet all the time. im not sure if its because im ovulating or not because my period is always off. this is all i think about. and my situation is alot worse because my parents dont know about my boyfriend because hes 21. but this isnt my first pregnancy scare i had one this same time last year..but my parents knew about the guy. i dont know. ughhhhh


kelly23 - June 13

hm ive also read that when a women orgasm it draws the sperm to the uterus. i have never orgasmed from s_x. does that make my chances of ever getting pregnant go down?


Grandpa Viv - June 13

It's true that at orgasm the cervix is supposed to reach down for the sperm, but I don't think it makes much difference to the outcome. You worry me a bit with your talk of discharge. Many women talk of "wet down there", "lotion discharge" and "running to the bathroom thinking AF is coming" as an early sign. Other signs are PMS type but somehow different. Fatigue, peeing more, unusually emotional, changes in acne, appet_te and smells, b___b changes (heavier, sensitive nipples, runny nose, ga__sy, heartburn and other stuff. More at http://www, and good luck!


Big mumma - June 13

I suggest you test yourself just to be on the safe side then once you have you can either stop worrying or get some expert advise from a doctor.


kelly23 - June 14

i dont even want to test myself. i know if i do and i am, my boyfriend will be sooo p__sed off and i just dont want to know. i dont want to have to go through this alone, i wont even have the baby. i would get an abortion. but i also dont have money for that and no one in my family who is over 18 to sign for me.


xpinkx15 - June 14

Hey.. I know what you are going through and why you don't want to get tested. If you want to talk about it, add me at Don't worry. You are not the only one. If I turn out to be pregnant, I am gonna have to go through this all alone. Just hope you are not pregnant, that's what I am doing.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

I know this may sound rude, but I want to tell you up front that I am not trying to be. If your boyfriend will be very mad about you getting pregnant, why didn't he wear a condom?


wyckedli - June 15

Maybe you should be more responsible and go on birth control if you cant handle the consequences of your actions. Why have unprotected s_x and if you get pregnant just kill your baby. I might sound rude and your bf should be more responsible


kelly23 - June 16

quite honestly i agree with you. but my boyfriend doesnt care about anything. so ill do what i want. kthanks.



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