Im Scared I Think Im Having A Miscarriage

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sarah - December 26

help please.... im 1 and a half months pregnant..and yesterday i had a little bit of spotting... but today i had a really heavy period and really bad cramping...i have been hurting really bad in my stomach and i really dont want to lose my baby.... i have been laying in bed all day... also when i got up and went to the bathroom... after when i was standing my head started spinning and my eyes got all blurry and i almost passed out... im really scared and i dont know what to do because i still havent told my parents im pregnant... anyone have advice :( im really scared


Karrie - December 27

You should go to the doctor and get it checked out. Hope everything is alright. God bless.


t - December 27

You need to go to a Dr. It does sound like a miscarriage, which is about 3 times more likely to happen to teen moms-to-be than in a woman in her twenties. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but if your parents don't even know...well, you do need to go to a dr., because you can lose too much blood in a miscarriage and get very sick. Just tell them you're bleeding really heavy and can't stop...tell the nurse in private what's really going on when you get there (just try to get the nurse to shoo your parents out of the room) and you MIGHT be able to get by without their knowing, as long as you aren't 14 or younger. Either way, I suggest you tell them at some point because you will need their love and support afterwards. I'm very sorry, please go to the hospital as soon as you read this.


sarah - December 27

i asked for advice please... this is true and you dont know what you are talking about if you can sit here and ask me if i am stupid .... if i was stupid i wouldnt be seeking help thank you very much....


aisha - December 27

hi sarah!!!!!!! i think im having a miscarriage too!!!! i went to the toilet this morning and all these huge blood clots came out and i feel dizzy!! hilary~of course she can type!!!! i can type and i think im having a miscarriage!!!!!!! you dont know what ur talkin about!!!!!!!!!


sarah - December 27

hey aisha... how are you feeling.. i hope its not a miscarriage but if there are alot of blood clots thats not too good.. do you have cramping at all?? if you do then you need to go to the doctor too... :| i am going today... well good luck and i wish you the best...


aisha - December 27

yeah!!!! i've got really bad moms said for me not to worry and if i am havin a miscarriage then i'll be better in a few days!!!!! im worried though.......but i wasnt really ready for a its for the was around 6-7 weeks pregnant too!! have you had any clots? because i had brown spotting a few days ago, then blood yesterday then this morning i got the big huge lumps of clots!!!!.................but good luck to you too!! i hope ur not having a miscarriage gurl!


sarah - December 27

im pretty sure i did already :| ... i had really bad bleeding all day yesterday and didnt get out of bed all day cause of how bad my cramps were and i couldnt even eat all day... im so sad.. but im going to the doctor today... i think you should go too...


aisha - December 27

but what can the doctor do???????? how old are you???????? my mom said the doctor cant do anything


sarah - December 27

im only 15.... but the doctor has to make sure that everything is out of you and stuff you know... and they have to make sure that everything is okay... look at the post on this the second one down... she should you can loose too much blood and stuff... so i dont know i just want to be safe...


aisha - December 27

oh ok!!!!!!!


krystyna - December 30

you should go to the doctor or atleast call them i really hope everythings alright good luck to you


Jen - January 13

Sweetie, I think that you should go to a doctor immediatly. I realize this most likely involves telling your parents and they'll probably get angry and disappointed blah blah blah but it is imperative that you get to a doctor a.s.a.p. ... think of you and your unborn child... regaurdless of what your parents could say wouldn't even begin to add up to the pain and distroughtness of losing a baby, believe I KNOW!!! and just to say relax, and try to stay away from stress, good luck and I wish you all the best. also if you'd ever like to chat .. Im pretty open you could e-mail me at [email protected]


cdo - September 3

it sounds like a miscarriage, go to the doctor .


Jessica - September 3

You need to see the doctor to determine if there is any tissue left, if it indeed was a miscarriage. If tissue is left and not treated it can cause a serious infection and affect your future pregnancy. Please go to the doctor ASAP!


Emma - September 13

i hope everyhting was oky but i had miscarriage in feb 05 and now 23 weeks pregnant in sept and i had the same kind of symptoms i ws so scared and now im scared cause i dont want to loose this one! its past the scary stage but it stil worries me


no name - September 13

hilary do you have nothing better to do than write negative e-mails all day long on everyone's site. i think YOU need to grow up and go read a good book or cook a batch of cookies



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