Im Scared Out Of Ma Mind

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marie14 - November 15

well me and my boyfriend have been having s_x without protection and i think i might be pregnant. Im so scared to tell my parents.And my mom will be so disappointed someone help me i dont know what to say.


xKarax - November 19

if tis so scary to be preg why have unprotected s_x? i dont get it. Anyway the best thing to do before you're worrying what to say to your parents is to find out if you really are preg first. When was your past period? What makes you think you could be preg (apart from no protection)


EMMA2 - November 19

Ahhh the joys of the Teen forum! I always say don't act like an adult if you can't handle the consequences that come along with being an adult. Tough luck Kiddo , you did the deed now spill the beans and grow some adult b___s.


AddysMummy - November 19

That is what happens when you have unprotected s_x, babies. Maybe you should consider b/c options if you are not pregnant but the most you can do is take a test, and it might help if you talk to your mom about it, so she can help you. When I came to my mother and told her at 15 that I wanted to have s_x and be on birth control she said thank you for coming to me, and she got me b/c. So you should sit her down and just be honest with her, as much as it will upset her, she will appreciate you telling her.


EMMA2 - November 19

You speak english? I don't understand your ramblings ! Scary, scray , boo!!!! use a flippin' condom . Not using one is much more scary.


mummy2paris - November 19

You shouldnt just be worrying about being pregnant there are things much worse than pregnancy you can get like std's!! If the thought you might get pregnant dosent make u wear a condom then the fort of herpes,HIV and all those other infections should defanatly chnage your mind!!


erenimi - November 19

Marie, I am sorry that the people on this forum can be so rude and unsupportive. For some reason they seem to think that you posted this so you would be bashed. ANYWAYS, don't worry untill you know for sure, take a pregnancy test. If its positive, talk to your mother right away. You can write her a letter, or even just show her the test. If you are pregnant you need to get prenatal care, so it would be better not to wait to tell her. I know i was scared telling my mother, i understand how you're feeling. If the test does turn out negative, you should still talk to your mother about this scare, she can help you to get on birth controll. Otherwise, condoms!


AddysMummy - November 19

Yeah , like I said, just talk to your mother anyways, no matter if you are pregnant or not. You should go to her and say mom, I really need your help I might be pregnant, I have been having s_x and I just need your help. I need to get a pregnancy test, and if i am not pregnant I want to go to a GYNO so that I can get birth control and I need your help.


jennifer_33106 - November 19

Wait til you are late and take a HPT using first morning urine. You can also go to a planned pregnancy help center and get a test from them. If you are pregnant, it is important to start getting proper prenatal care right away. One step at a time. If you are not pregnant, then I would highly advise getting on some type of Birth Control otherwise you will be pregnant with in a year. GL and I hope everything goes well!



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