Im So Confused Plz Help Me Out

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Robina - June 9

Hey well im 15 and i had a positive home preg. test in April, previously i took two that came out neg. i must of been around 2 1/2 months by the time i found out though. two weeks ago i started bleeding a bit lighter than my period and lasted 4 days (i usually bleed for 7 days) and just a bit of a tummy ache but i had it most of my pregnancy so far so my mum took me to the hospital for an ultrasound to see what was happening and they took a urine test and it came out negative so they didnt give me one. and the nurse "checked me out" and said that i must of had a complete miscarriage because my cervix was closed. and i just still feel pregnant, im still a bit bigger than i originally was (before i got preg) and im getting a pain in my lower stomach but it isnt that bad and i just want to know is there any chance i could still be pregnant? plz reply i would really appreciate it x X x X x


Christina - June 9

I doubt there is a chance that you could still be pregnant...sorry :(


Audrey - June 9

Robina- They should have given you the ultrasound anyway to make sure that you had completely shed the lining of the uterus. However it does take a while for the body to get back to normal following an m/c. If you still have problems over the next week go back to your doctor.


Robina - June 9

Thanks for ur help Christina and Audrey! Sorry but I'm just clutching at straws I'm just hurt and I REALLY don't want it to be true because the father of my baby has just got a new gf and I just really want my baby because I have nothing now and I had s_x with someone else a few days ago and I feel so bad about it and it has made me loose most of my friend's! I'm just having a lot of losses at the same time! Is it stupid to name my baby even though my Little Angel has gone 2 Heaven? reply if u want just want 2 know x X x X x


Audrey - June 9

Robina- After reading your post again I'm quite surprised that the nurse said what she said. Generally an m/c at 2 1/2 months would have much heavier bleeding than that (a friend of mine had one). An ultrasound would have verified whether one had happened or not, but they didn't give you one based on the results of a urine test which might or might not have been accurate. If you still have symptoms after another week and still "feel" pregnant, seek the opinion of an actual ob/gyn. Best wishes!


asdf - June 9

I had a friend that miscarried and she named hers...naming it isn't silly at all. But like the others said, don't give up hope just yet..I'd get a second opinion. The nurse sounds like she might be full of it.


Kayse - June 10

Aw Im so sorry i dont think its stupid at all to be naming your baby still i would really sorry if you ever wanna talk or anything feel free to email me!!! [email protected]


baby^angel - June 10

i'm not sure but i think that i had a misscarriage too my test vera negative but i was sick in the morning my tum got a little bigger and then after 1 10 day late period i had it really heavy so thats what i think :(


Robina - June 10

Thanx Audrey I thought that she would give me an ultrasound anyway:S I fainted today at school and i my legs feel really weak and can't hold up the weight of my body I keep begging my mum to take me 2 the doc's but she just forgets to phone up EVERYDAY but I will try and make 1 myself so yeah... and cheers everyone I really appreciate your advice:) By the way I named him (I always thought it would be a boy) Cameron but I am still hoping and praying that I still have him inside me but I know he probably isn't :( and I'm sorry 2 hear that Baby^Angel:( I just hope it didn't happen 2 you in the 1st place love from me x X x X x



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