Im So Dissapointed

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jayda - May 11

ok, i know this sounds wierd, but im 17 and wen i thought i might be pregnant i was sooooo excited! I don't know why but ever since i was little i've always wanted a baby, and i don't care that im only 17. But that's wat makes it wierd, i took a test this morning and it was negative, im completely crushed. Anyone lese out there who secretly hopes they're pregnant???


<Amy> - May 11

I think it's normal, a womanly maternal instinct. Before i got pregnant with this child, on my lmp i also thought i was pregnant and took a test, i really didn't want to be as i had just broken up with my boyfriend. The test came back negative and although i felt relieved deep down i felt dissapointed. Then with this pregnancy the father of the baby has a girlfriend and i had broken up with my ex a month previously, so all i was thinking was pls no, the first test came back negative and i was dissapointed. However when i finally got my positive result i felt sick, shocked and was in denial i wouldn't believe it. Don't get me wrong i am excited now but believe me although you feel dissapointed with a negative, you don't feel "happy" with a positive.


jayda - May 11

thanks man


to jayda - May 11

im 15 and i just found out today that im pregnant, cant wait so excited!


kim - May 11

Yes, I felt totally the same as you.. sometimes I thought I was a physcho for wanting baby so much! oh I'm 16 by the way.. I've felt like I was pregnant sooo many times and everytimes I took a test it came out negative and few days later I had my period .. I wanted my baby so badly I guess that's because I thought I found a right guy .. but you know what? Now I'm so nervous to death .. because my period has not yet come! and I don't want any baby anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh help me I'm sooooo worried


jayda, for kim - May 11

im glad that im not the only one, but i guess if i actually was pregnant it would change my point of view. If you wanna talk u can email me, [email protected], i dunno, it'de be neat to talk to someone else, and if u need support if u r preggers..?



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