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Ohgah__x3 - April 6

Ok last night me and my boyfriend finally had s_x and we didnt use a condom stupid i know but he went threw with everything coz i told him it was fine and when we got done i was so worried that we made the wrong choice. we're both worried i might become pregnant but i just got my period today. im confused does this mean i could still become pregnant? and should i wait awhile to get a test or anything?


lil_cutie - April 6

hey.... it is still possible to get pregnant while your on your period.... you have more of a chance getting pregnant about 2 weeks before your period which is when you ovulate... i would wait until you shud expect your next period b4 taking a test... try not to worry too much stress can affect your cycle


ariete0416 - April 6

The chances are you might have escaped without getting pregnant, however, if you miss your period next month you need to take a test to find out. Honey, please since you have now made the choice of having s_x with your boyfriend, you have to protect yourself, every time. Do not listen to friends or the internet about ovulation times, they can vary from person to person and please keep in mind sperm can live inside your for up to 5 days. Just be careful if you don't want a child right now. Best Wishes to you


Ceno - April 6

I'm not trying to knock you. Okay? But if you don't want the consequences of having unprotected s_x, don't have unprotected s_x. Alright, sweetie. I doubt you're pregnant...highly doubt it. But like ariete said, you may not have gotten pregnant this time, but it don't mean it may not happen another time.


oz - April 7

there is always a chance of pregnancy but as you got your period today it s highly unlikley. Try not to stress too much as that can delay your next period. Goodluckxx


Grandpa Viv - April 7

Well, if your period was due today (do you keep track?) then the chance of pregnancy is negligible. The egg would have been over with 10 days ago. Tell him no more s_x until he gets brave enough to buy condoms (new ones), and you back it up with v____al spermicide (foam or inserts). Good luck.



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