Im So Paranoid

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reee - March 21

my boyfriend and i agreed to let him do a qucik insertion. he inserted about 3 times before i told him that it wasnt feeling right. there was no lubrication and i was in pain. he pulled out and about a minute later or less he came. i asked if he noticed any prec_m and he said he was dry. im so worried. what are the chances of being pregnant


Julia - March 21

Very slim, but if you miss your period get tested!!! And next time be more careful :) okay. So you won't have this scare again. :)


ree again - March 21

thank you so much... i have one other statement. we wasnt near my v____a when he came... how early dows pre-c_m come? does it start right before he ejaculates or as soon a he is erect


ashley - March 21

im in the same situation about a week ago i lost my virginity the guy pulled out before he ejaculated but ive been serfing the net and is says that there is still a high chance of pregnancy becaus of the pre ejaculation and even if he said he was dry dont take his word get a test


Grandpa Viv - March 21

Your chance is extremely small. One of the functions of pre-c_m (a fluid from the Cowpers gland) is lubrication. In its pure form, it contains no sperm. If a guy has been stimulated for a while, and is almost coming but then holding back, the chance that pre-c_m contains sperm is increased. The fact that you had problems with lubrication suggests that pre-c_m was not present. Why don't you use foam or film (v____al spermicide) to prevent worries like this, and insist on a condom too. Good luck!


re again! - March 29

hey me again.... its been almost three weeks and feel good. no headaches, no sore b___sts, and no cramps. i just get tummy rumbles sometimes. i have had a cold and my throat still itches. my period should be coming soon. should i continue to worry?


Kay - March 30

As grandpa viv said chances are very small , but since your peroid is due soon then best chances are to wait then. If you become late then youll have to take a test. Although if your period hasnt come sometimes this can be caused from stress which will delay your period . Good luck :D


Shana - August 22

lol..if you feel good you are not pregnant.



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