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alone and scared - June 9

i am going to be 18 im 3 weeks and found out that i am 1 5months pregnant. my ex byfriend left me when i told him about it and within a week he he moving out of town, his mom found out about my pregnancy and she is telling me that by law i need a paternaty test and that sicne im under 18 planned parenthood broke the law by not telling my parents i am pregnant. this woman is ruining my life, she is a paralegal and said that she knows the law and she wishes that i am not pregnant cuz it is going to ruin her child's life. she is the whole reason why things did't work for us after 3 yrs, i still love him but i need help in knowing my rights in what to do cuz i know eventually she is going to try and take my baby. my parents stil don't know and she is threatening to tell them on her own. please help me with this crazy miserable woman!


Jesus - June 9

Tell your parents.


asdf - June 9

You're going to have to tell your parents eventually. Then discuss options with them. Then you might want to perhaps do some research on the internet, to see how true her statements really are.


Sinita - June 9

Don't worry this silly woman CANNOT take your baby away from you. She is being very childish and she has no business whatsoever telling your parents. It is not you 'ruining her childs life', I'm sure he knows very well what the outcome of s_x can be, and if anything she should be ashamed of him for not standing up to his responsibilities and running away from him. No you don't have to get a paternity test, but if I were you I would anyway as this will help you get child support from him and I strongly advise you to do that, seeing as he is running away from what he's done. If I were you I would tell your parents before she has chance to. And tell them that she is threatening to sue for custody of the child. I very much doubt they will let her get away with saying that to you. All in all, she has NO rights whatsoever, and as your unmarried neither does the father. You do not even have to have contact between either of them and the child unless they go to court. But she CANNOT take your baby from you. So tell your parents as soon as possible, as they are going to find out anyway when you get bigger. Planned parenthood can't tell your parents, especially at your age as it is confidential. So don't worry, she cannot force you into anything. She's obviously upset because she thinks her precious son is an angel, when as an adult she should know that he is as responsible for this child as you are. Thats probably why she is lashing out. She is being very unreasonable and immature. Try to minimise the contact you have with her.


Grandpa Viv - June 9

I wonder if he is moving in an effort to avoid child support. It will be important to know how to catch up with him, so write down everything you know about where he is going. Ideally you would know his SSNo. For cripes sake tell your parents now, so they can help you with this. Maybe Legal Aid will have some ideas. Goodluck!


alone and scared - June 10

i plan on telling my parents this week cuz i can't deal with this pain emotionaly or physically. i have just always been afraid that my parents will hit me due to my dad being an abusive father at one pont. im afraid he will go back to that. my brother is a cop and i plan on telling him first and having him here when i tell my parents. i honestly wish i never would have met this woman, she buys her children beer and bails them out of jail all the time but claims she is a strict wonderful mother. i may be only 17 but i know that this is the wrong way to raise a child. thanks guys for all of your help and advice, i just wish she was out of my life for good!


alone and scared - June 10

it just hurts that he would deny his own kid, and she isnt doing a d__n thing about it. most moms i know would tell their sons to step up but not her. i am just so afraid that my parents and brothers will look down on me since im the youngest of 4 and none of my brothers have kids. i dont want my family to hate me


nono - June 10

TELL. YOUR. PARENTS. They can help you figure out where to go from here.


alisha - June 10

plan parent hood keeps their patients info confidential just like most hospitals. don't be afraid of her, but tell your parents. when i was pregnant i was 13 going on 14 and I went to plan parent hood they did not tell my mom.


alone and scared - June 11

hey guys, thanks for all the support. i finally got the courage to tell my brother last night and he is going to help me tell my parents cuz my dad has the shortest temper ever. i feel so happy that my brother understood and didn't feel any hate or shame against me. my brother is a cop and already contacted the police department where my ex is going to be moving to. they know have his name on record and plan on keeping tabs on every job he gets and every place he moves and we are going to get him for as much as we possibly can for child support


alone and scared - June 11

my brother is an adult, he's 29. guys do you think any guy will want me after i have a baby?


geeroh - June 11

Hey, just because you have a baby doesn't mean you won't ever find anyone to love. Get stable, figure out where you're going in life, get out there and meet people. You'd be surprised at the number of people who don't care if their date has a kid.



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