Im Very Confused And I Really Need Someone I Can Talk To

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unsurelilone - April 15

ok like i had unprotected s_x on march 12 and the guy said he didnt c_m inside me but im not sure if im pregnant or not. This would make me one month pregnant and just last week i went to the docotrs and the gave me a urine test for pregnanacy and it came out negative along with the other 10 at-home tests i took. Everyone saying im not pregnant and the reason for my missed period is because of stress(i get it really bad) but i still feel pregnant. PlZ will some at least help me i feel hopeless,insecure, scared, and all i do is cry, i dont want to be pregnant im only fifteen and i regret ever having s_x because it could be costing my future and life plz will some one help. i cant have a child


calm down - April 15

Hi Unsurelilone, At this point there's nothing you can do but calm down. Stress makes your period late. Wouldn't you prefer to have your period tomorrow and not have to worry about all this anymore? So just calm down. You'll be fine...


kathi - April 15

don't worry. I think youre not pregnant. Stop stressing about that. According to some websites and medical books even perfectly normal unpregnant women can miss their period once in their life. Don't worry and calm down.


unsurelilone - April 15

hi calm down i dono wat to do like my stomach feels hard and i've been noticing that it seems like i've been gaining weight, but i have also been using the boflex ever since the day i had s_x which was march 12 so i dono what im gonna do like every test has said im not but is it true?


unsurelilone - April 15

hi kathi and calm down i just wanted to say thx for posting ur responce im just really scared because im only 15 and the thought of being pregnant is really scary


Audrey - April 15

Unsure- A woman's most fertile days are days 9-16 of her cycle (day 1 being the first day of her period). If you were not in that zone when you had s_x, chances are you're not pregnant. All the tests you took say you're not, so you should believe them. Take care and use protection from now on. :)



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