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catherine - January 11

can i get pregnant even though my boyfriend smokes pot & drinks, and lately we had a lot of s_x and i feel weird sayin this but i had my UTI (bladder infection), and i hadnt have my period in 5 days, can i still be pregnant?


Jamie - January 11

Yes...if you have unprotected s_x you can get pregnant.


Melissa - January 11

What does drinking and smoking pot have to do with it?


Natalie - January 11

drinking and smoking pot is a way of lowering sperm count, but remember, it only takes one sperm! dont use this as a method of contraception, its completely not one! you can still be pregnant!


catherine - January 11

oh he said that i wouldnt get pregnant because he smokes pot. but we did have unprotected s_x though. im just confused, im still waiting till i get my period.


Kristina - January 11

OMFG He told you that you wouldn't get pregnant because he smokes pot?!?!?! Ok...Either is stupid...or he is a liar!!! YES You can get pregnant if he smokes pot!!! Of course you can!!!! If it turns out that you are not pregnant...make sure he uses protection in the future!!!! How old are you and your boyfriend? (out of curiosity)


courtney - January 12

wow, lol. thatd be great if it were true!! does this guy WANT to have a baby?? that sounds like someting a guy would tell a nieve girl to not use a condom!! hes foolin u girl....! if ur 5 days late, then you can go ahead and take a hpt! it would more then likely show up now. and he has to be a BIG smoker and drinker for it to even lower his sperm count!!


skyy - January 12

wow i guess ur not the only one. my boyfriend told me that too!


to cathrine - January 12

my husband was a total pothead, and within 4 months of being married he got me pregnant with our first child, so that is a crock


catherine - January 12

wow my boyfriend is 18 and im 17


catherine - January 12

my boyfriend is a total pothead. and he doesnt mind having a child but not now. too much things goin on for us. at times we used condoms but mostly we dont,


catherine - January 12

is it true that if u get your UTI/yeast infection, you can be able to get pregnant?


Kristina - January 12

Yes you can still get pregnant with a UTI/yeast infection. You should take a test. And if you are not pregnant, give you boyfriend a good slap in the face and tell him he will be wearing a condom from now on whether he likes it or not!


Rachel - January 12

Wow, you are very naive, I wouldn't be suprised if you ended up pregnant and the "he doesn't mind having a kid' turns into "he left me" And of course you can get pregnant with a uti. I got pregnant a month after I stopped using protection, so there's a d__n good chance you're pregnant. And if you're not, then you better be getting birth control.


Grandpa Viv - January 12

Chemistry of the v____a and urethra is changed by pregnancy hormones, and organisms normally under control can become a problem, giving both UTI and yeast. A home test first pee Sunday morning should tell more. Good luck!


catherine - January 13

wow that must be hectic. gosh, i just feel that i dont want to get birth control right now.


catherine - January 13

just got my period today, was so excited cuz i thot i wont get it. but it has been crampin in pain on my lower stomach. i feel a lo tof pressure on my back.



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