Implantation Bleeding

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stars - June 16

i was wondering since this week is suppose to be the week i start my period but the day before yesterday was a little pink when i wiped then the next day was a little red while i wiped today just a little red while wipeing i put a pad and ther was only a little bit of drops of blood so is this implantation bleeding or what i dont think so since i guess thers no brownish since iv read mostly about it being brownish... o and the bleeding comes and goes its not here for a while im sooo confused


Audrey - June 16

Stars- Did you have unprotected s_x within the last week? If so then what you are experiencing might very well be implantation bleeding. It's different for every woman, and some don't even notice it.


stars - June 16

i had unprotected s_x last friday.....


Grandpa Viv - June 16

Unprotected s_x on the 10th, spotting on the 14th - days too early for implantation, but what else could it be? Is your period really due before the 18th? If you are pregnant it would more likely be from s_x the 3rd or 4th, and the implantation spotting would be more like on schedule. How about unusually tired, peeing more, gas or other tummy upsets, emotional and appet_te changes? Try a home test Sat 25th if a normal period has not showed. Goodluck!


stars - June 16

iv been haveing unprotected s_x when i was done with my last period i would have unprotected s_x every other day... and i dont know this is weird because my periods are not usually like this one... which is a little blood and then no blood soo i dont know.. but i have been tired and peeing more and had gas... i wouldnt know how to get a hpt since i dont have any money...


duh? - June 16

You have no money for a hpt-so you have no money for birth control-so you have no money for a baby-right? Sorry to be harsh, you can get one at a planned parenthood, or at a health department for free both places. Look in your local phone book. Planned parent hood can give you brithcontrol, be sure to ask, :)


stars - June 16

thnx i will go to planned parenthood



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