Implantation Spotting I M Not Sure

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faithhopelove - January 21

hey girls & guys?? lol. well, i had spotting for about two days, very lightly.. i thought my period came a week early (or a few days)... I bd'd on Jan 7th, and on the 17th i started with brown spotting for about a day or so.. ( i dont know if i ovulated on the 7th or the 8th, possibly the 9th)... So i had to of been 8 - 10 DPO. I was pregnant a few years ago (miscarried) but did not have any implantation so i don't know if i would ever get it?? but, i spotted very lightly for a short time, and now i'm back to normal lotiony CM... I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms yet, but a few hrs ago I noticed i was very emotional. Thats about it... I believe my period is due either today or within a few days.. What do you girls think?? How long after implantation should i take a test since i know that hcg builds after the embryo implants so... Thanks!!! ?


faithhopelove - January 21

i also had a bit of cramping, very lightly at the time & still now... but very very lightly...


ChattyKathy - January 21

8-10dpo is perfect timing for implantation bleeding, so it very well could be. If it has been at least 3 days since you noticed the spotting, a pregnancy test COULD be accurate by now, but it might still be too early. Good luck


faithhopelove - January 21

tested this morning with first response... it was a BFN. =( Hopefully it's implantation cuz it has stopped completely after 2 1/2 days of VERY light brown spotting (sometimes pink).. No real preg symptoms yet though. I believe my period would be due tomorrow but if not, i'll buy another test.


youmakemewannalala - January 21

holy c___p! reading your situation its just like mine. i think i ovulated on the 6th and i started spotting very lightly and it was brown. i spotted for about 2-3 days and now it is clear/brownish discharge now.


faithhopelove - January 22

Any news youmakemewannalala???


faithhopelove - January 24




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