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Gaby - July 12

I had my period on june 18 and then had s_x with my boyfriend on the 25 and 26 without protection and he said the he felt somthing come out so it wen through our head that i was probably pregnant and i have been a getting some light brown discharge since this saturday and im supposed to get my period like the 16th.i dont know what to think beacuse im thinking that it could be implantation bleeding. Do you think that i am pregnant and its implantation bleeding??


Shanay - July 12

I doubt you are pregnant because its unlikely you would have been ovulating that soon. Probably a week after. It would probably be best to get checked out to find out whats going on.


Audrey - July 12

Gaby- It's possible that you are experiencing implantation bleeding. The best way to tell is to wait until you expect your next period (or two weeks from now whichever comes first) and use a home pregnancy test. Best wishes!


Gaby - July 12



jacky - July 12

Wait til ur period, if u dont get it then take a test.


Gaby - July 12

Im asking what do you think about me being pregnant up to this point


nena - July 13

waite till u suppose 2 get ur period and if u dont take an ept


To Gaby - July 13

I understand how confumbled you are right now I'm in the exact same boat. I've asked people what they think about it right NOW too and nobody can really give you a straight answer. They don't know your situation as well as you do. Are you feeling any symptoms of pregnancy? Nausea, headaches, sore b___sts, frequent urination? The only thing you can really do is wait it out. That's why nobody can tell you what they think about you being pregnant up to this point. good luck....take a hpt when you're a week late.


Gaby - July 13

Thank you! I know youre telling me to wait and i have to but do you have any idea of why im still having this brown discharge??? Has it happened to you and then you found out you were pregnant???


Grandpa Viv - July 13

June 26th was Day 8 of your cycle, just barely inside your fertile window. Sperm from then could have lasted until ovulation if your mucus was right. Ovulation for a 28 day cycle would have been July 2nd and if you conceived that day, implantation would have been around July 9th, which is when you experienced the light brown discharge. You would need more signs of pregnancy to make me start thinking like that. If a regular period does not come at the expected time, wait a week and take a test. See for more. Good luck!


dhdh - July 13



Cherie - July 13

I know it totally sucks to wait it out.. but its what you have to do.. and the way u explain it, seems like u've been having this brown discharge for a few days.. everyone i know, including myself only had very little implantation bleeding.. i saw it once, and it was a tiny bit.. u need to get in touch with your doctor, or ur GYN if u have one.. because the discharge can most definitely be something else... Good Luck with everything!



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