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~*~Jessica~*~ - July 6

Why is it that some of the people on here feel the need to judge someone? They come here for advice, not to get yelled at about having s_x, no matter what the age. That is their parents job. For the ones that are pregenant, their parents will do enough of that for you. If they are considering abortion, it is their choice! They should be informed of the choices they have. If you think it is murder, you should keep it to yourself! They don't need a preacher, some of them just need people to talk to. I remember what it was like to be young and pregnant. They will get enough critism and stares without your input. Help them out, that is what they need!


Trinity - July 3

I tag (totally agree) with ya.. they come here to get help not get yelled at there scared enuff!!!! Take Jessicas advice all that is yelling at theses poor girls , thinkin that the world is gunna end..!! I was young when i had my son an i know how it feels.. Good luck to all that is pregnant an scared an doesnt know what to do.. an if ya run into someone who talks c___p let um an dont listen theres others on here that know and will help!!! always Trinity (


kay - July 4

some people judge without knowing it. i mean, i did it, but when i saw what i was doing, i stopped. basically, a lot of people arent judging. they're just telling people what to do if they were them. but, it would do some good if they just wouldnt have s_x. but hey, it's not my place to tell what they can and cant do.


b___bear - July 4

well said.



The way I see it, true it's their own opinion, so here's mine: why should people have s_x and then end up pregnant and go to one another "it's ok bob we can have an abortion" Why not' right? lets kill this little b___d for growing inside me. Now that it IS fu88ing stupid and immature. I think a law should be made that you can't have one done unless you or the child has some life threating issues. Then the stupid bi**hes can go to some illegal place that do abortions for people that can't be true parents and take the easy way out so they can get infections and become infertle and die like they should. How do you like you now?


??? - July 6

Your mom should have aborted you Jessica.



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