In 17th Week And Not Showing Alot

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trixie2007 - February 8

im in the 17th week and im not barley showing at all at that normal? i know im pregnant and i heard the heartbeat so i know its in there but i want a belly 2 show people...when will i be showing alot? i weighed 135 when i got pregnant and i was 5 foot 7.. anyone got any input reply asap please... thank u


maren - February 8

ah idk i think it will take awhile and dont worry about it there is no golden rule that says if your not showing by ____ week then something is wrong i was barely showing at 20 weeks! and when i got pregnant i was 118 at 5'8" i mean i could tell i was bigger but it was hard for others to tell


xoxticiaxox - February 8

I was the exact same as you maren! same weight and height! People just started noticing me at about 25 weeks! So dont worry about it!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 8

Yeah, I'm the complete opposite, I'm 10 weeks and I am already showing...actually I have been showing since about 6 weeks. I have lost weight with morning sickness so my chunky tummy is now a pregnant belly. I wasn't over weight, I just got pregnant right after I had a miscarriage and still had some to lose for that. But everyone is different. My mother-in-law never even showed and wore the same jeans throughout the pregnancy. So who knows, and if its that much of an issue talk with your doctor about it.


apr - February 8

its totally ok. I wasnt showing before 24 weeks at all, and at week 28 I measured really small and I was sent for an emergency scan to make sure the baby is growing lie it should. It measured big haha, so it doesnt even mean you are having a small baby. As long as the heartbeat is ok, and ur dr seems satisfied then you dont have what to worry about : ) Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy


Noodle - February 8

i didnt show until i was 32 weeks. and i tell you what, enjoy your smaller figure, because when your so huge you have to carefully roll out of bed and you can barely get any sleep youll wish your bump wasnt so big!


Noodle - February 8

when you have your first baby you don't show so quickly as your abdominal muscles are quite tight. once they have stretched a bit from a first pregnancy you show really quickly with the second and so on. just love your small belly, youll really miss it soon!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 8

well looks like im going to be one of t he few who has a big belly...but my back hurts so bad already (I am having a back pregnancy) so it is going to be hard


trixie2007 - February 8

how far along are u? if have msn we can chat on there if u want


babygirlk - February 8

hi i am due in 2 weeks and i am about the same size as you and people still only think i am about 5-6months but my doctor says the baby is healthy and a normal size trust me i wanted the big belly to


crombiiex3babiie - February 8

Im just about 20 weeks && just started showingg literatlyy I woke this morning & looked like I gained 10 pounds.. a little weird to me lol. but yeahh dont worryy bout it everyones diffrent.. it`ll catch up tp you dont worryy =]


mummy2paris - February 9

hey i wouldnt worry too much because everyone is different when i was pregnant with my daughter u could tell i was pregnant with no clothes on from around 16 weerks n could see my bump through clothes at 19 weeks then i just didnt stop i got HUGE lol


EricaLynn - February 14

I was 5'9" and 160 lbs when I got pregnant. I didnt start showing until about 23-25 weeks. I didnt even tell my friends and stuff I was pregnant until I was 20 weeks, and no one even suspected. Everyone shows at diffrent times.



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