In Case People Have Forgotten

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jennifer_33106 - November 2

This is the internet. There has been alot of drama on here lately. NO ONE knows what someone is like on the opposite side of the screen or whether or not they are faking it. There is no way to prove anything and no one should have to prove anything. Please keep that in mind next time we scream faker to someone. It may be true it may not be. Everything comes out in the end. Its all about Karma. i think we all forget that this is a Q & A site not a find-a-buddy site.


lunamoo - November 2

And your point being about Karma...?


jennifer_33106 - November 2

My point would be that false accusations get you no where. If you are falsly accusing someone or mistreating them you will get it back. If you are lying then eventually it will come out. What goes around comes around.


sezbi - November 2

and who the hell are you to defend all the fakes? what's their karma going to be?


HeavenisMine - November 2

I look at it this way, unless the so called "fakes" are affecting your life somehow, it's best just to let it go....I see what you're saying here'd be nice if there was a peaceful spot on this forum for everyone..but we all know that'll never happen, to many people out there to get on others for whatever reason...seems to be people's self esteem boosters or something :)


jennifer_33106 - November 2

Thanks Heaven! I dont see why sezbi and lunamoo are getting all bent out of shape over this. I am not defending "fakers" only saying this is the internet. You dont know who is who on here and never ever will. And I said if they are faking then it eventually comes out. BUT it is stupid and pointless to try to "call people out" What are we in highschool!? This forum is not for a popularity contest. It is a Q &A. Stop trying to cause drama on every thread . It is really juvenile and attacking me isnt going to make you look better and/or smarter. Not trying to offend but d__n leave people alone. I guess the more you see of the world and its people the less you give a d__n about who is lying and who is telling the truth. At least in my point of view. GL to everyone.


jennifer_33106 - November 2

oops. haha I just realized that yeah alot of the people here are in highschool but that dosent mean we cant grow up right? And SEZBI one question~Who are you to call them out!? Food for thought guys! Just food for thought...


angel_on_earth - November 2

jen jen you are so wise and yet so self-righteous at the same time. i have so much to learn from you. i hope you get what's coming to you, if this karma thing is really true you are freakin' screwed....dontcha think???


GimmeaBub - November 2

Nicely said Jen :)


sezbi - November 3

I don't call them out. please show me where i have.


jennifer_33106 - November 3

How funny. My post was in no way rude or offensive to anyone yet people like to try to cause drama. I never have pretended to be perfect as I am far from it. But I have learned from my mistakes unlike some people. Seems like all the drama starters have come here and now they are trying to create more. Sezbi I was responding to what you said to me. Not to be rude or anything but d__n. It seems like some people are permantly hormonal and/or get off on all this. So my opinion stands. Go ahead and try to bring me down and downgrade me but I hope you know your efforts are futile. I wish all of you (angel_on_earth you too even though all you have ever done is act like a witch) A happy and healthy life and I pray you all get what you want and to those who are intent on creating fights and trying to hurt people I hope you all grow up and get over your selves as I am sure you are not perfect either. GL guys God bless you all!!


Franny - November 3

At least fake posts are entertaining. Looks like your own post wound you up in the end : )


BouncingBabyBoy - November 5

the fake's karma is going to be....either everyone calls them out and starts a thread OR no one will ever believe anything they say.


KooKoo - November 6

the only time i ever see posts from you is when there is "drama" on here. Admit it, you LOVE it! At the end of the day, we're all a bunch of losers sat on a forum. Its just that Kendra is much more of a loser than anyone else!


jennifer_33106 - November 6

Actually KooKoo I post all the time on the second trimester forum and the other trimester forums. I pop in here from time to time to see if there is anyone who is asking questions but usually all there is IS drama. Anyways (and this is not being said rudely I promise) Check out the rest of the forums too! There is abunch of really neat people on the other ones. You have little ones right? Like the toddler forums and such. I only ever see you on the teen forum. haha



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