In Dry Sex Does The Dic Go In The Fani

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confused - October 1

in dry s_x does the dic go in the fani


s_xy mama - October 1

err... yu-huh! It just means s_x without lube. dry s_x, think about it. Sorry if it sounded cheeky, I was just being silly. But yes, this is what it means. Hope it helps! Dry s_x is NOT particularly enjoyable for the woman.


$weetne$$ - October 3

no no no no sorry but i have to re inform u people...DRY s_x is when u jus rub up againist one another wid your clothes on...and for those other people who think dry s_x is s_x widout lubrication...i dont think ANYONE would wanna have dat kinda s_x, as it was be VERY uncomfortable and virtually impossible..hope dat answers ur question ;o)


J - October 3

Dear $weetne$$ some woman do not have a natural wetness, sometimes because of not being excited, certain types of prescribed medications, and sometimes just because of their bodies so they use lubrication products. That is why they make it dear. Not everyone wants to use lubrication though especially if they are trying to get pregnant because lubrication products can slow the sperm not allowing the sperm to get to the fallopian tubes prior to dieing. Therefore, your statement about nobody would want to have that kind of s_x, as it would be very uncomfortable and virtually impossible is an uninformed statement. Many woman are doing it everyday especially those woman who have the issues that I previously stated. DRY s_x IS NOT rubbing up against someone otherwise s_x would not be in the word. Wake up!


$weetne$$ - October 5

ok lemme EXPLAIN myself a bit clearer J ...DRY s_x in BRITAIN means when 2 people rub up together...and i dunno bout da US but in BRITAIN you can get lubication dat doesnt kill sperm and therefore make s_x more comfortable for both the man and woman...and certain type of lubication is known to kill sperm not slow them down, and as i said again u can get lubication dat is sperm friendly...hope dat cleared you up


Michael - October 6

Ok, dry s_x can mean different things depending on what generation you are from. Think about it-- back in the day oral s_x or even just fingering a girl was s_x but some of today's young people view s_x only as v____al or a___l penetration. Therefore, my point is dry s_x can mean different things depending on how old you are (your generation) and sometimes even your upbringing (ie. Amish vs. Everyday Folk). I don't think anyone is right or wrong her. Also, over-the-counter lubrication does slow sperm down creating a potential barrier for pregnancy that is why OB's discourage its use if you are having difficulties becoming pregnant.


S - October 7

Thank you so much for your post Michael. Finally, someone got the answer right!!..


... - October 7

dry s_x is when you have clothes on and and are humping eachother.. its not without lubrication..


Drew - October 8

I think Michael has a logical point. For example my parents are older and do not consider making out to be anything more than french kissing. For my generation it is getting all the way to third base so I know dry s_x is defined different by different people. It doesn't matter what website says what. Haven't you ever been told to not believe everything that is on the internet. Anybody can create a website. Websites don't make it true.


Daile - October 11

Okay, I'm 18, and everyone I know considers "dry s_x" to be close intimate contact without ANY penetration. That includes any opening in the body, with anything. Generally clothes are still worn during dry s_x, although many people only wear underwear. Most people consider it to be the new "third base." It is as close to having s_x as you can be without actually doing it.


Sally - October 11

Sorry Daile. I agree w/the others that it depends on how old you are. I am 35 & what you said is not what most 35 year old people refer to as dry s_x.


Kay - October 11

I've got a question for you. What does this have to do with being pregnant?


To Kay - October 12

Believe it or not s_x is usually involved in the conception process.



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