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not-falling - May 12

hey, im 17, im 3 weeks late and felt a little nausious but havnt been throwing up, about a week ago my stomach hurt quite bad, like i was about to get my period, but that stopped after two days and hasnt hurt since then... the last few weeks ive been quite tired and im forever hungry... the father is 19 and already has a 3 year old girl, to make it worse hes a 6 hour drive away.. i dont live with my parents, i live with some relatives, who were kind enough to let me live with them.. asking them to help with a baby would be a big ask.. especially since the father is so far away and wouldnt be much help, if he helped at all..i was planning to go to uni at the begining of next year, and i dont know if i could with a baby... i guess im just asking for a little advice for my situation, thanks


corinne - May 12

First you need to take a test. Do it with your first morning pee. That is when you get most accurate results. If you are in deed pregnant after taking a test first person you should tell is the father no matter what the situation is, he needs to be the first to know. Then tell your relatives. Go by what some of the other ladies on here have suggested they have great ways of telling loved ones that your pregnant. Good luck with whatever outcome you hope for.


Ceno - May 12

Like they say, things happen. I know everything happens for a reason. Yet don't let your emotions get the best of you. It's going to be a trying time, but remember this you can control your emotions, which will change your outlook on the situation. Don't allow your emotions to have a hold on you. Anything and everything is long as you truly want it. I personally might be pregnant, and my situation is similar to yours in that the father will not be around. Unlike yours though, he isn't far away. I simply do not want him to be around...for the best interest of my child and myself and our futures. That is a timebomb waiting to explode, but I'm doing what I feel is the best decision. My family will be disappointed to hear the news, since I too live with my parents, sister, and her 3 (plus 1 on the way). I was in school, but now decided to transfer, so I'm currently inbetween schools. There is already a financial strain on my family. And the truth is I probably won't even have support from my close friends because they too will be disappointed, since they do not approve of the father. I have a lot to deal with, like you. But if you keep your head up and steer straight at full speed, all is possible. I plan on working in my first to mid-second trimesters, since I'm currently off, to get my own apartment. All you need is a plan and stick with it. I promise you things will work out. (By the way, I'm young, close to your age, 20). Good luck :-)


les22 - May 12

take a test. if it is negative you should go to the doctor to rule out anything else which could be causing your symptoms.. tell the people you are staying with that you think you may be pregnant. just slip into the conversation that you think you may be pregnant. Telling them directly about your concerns will show your maturity and will give them more respect for you than if you give them a note. going to uni with a child will be very dificult if your partner lives so far away. i have friends who have tried it and if you dont have a good suppourt network then it just doesnt work


not-falling - May 13

i DO want to keep it, I know id be a good mum, i think mentally and emotionally i'm strong enough to do this, I just don’t know if I can on my own... finacially, i don’t even know how i possibly could, the father doesnt have a job, im in my last year atschool, and i cant rely on my relatives who were good enough to let me stay here to begin with.. i really wanted to do so much with my life that i was looking forward to doing, that i wont be able to do with a baby.. University and ect…especially since the father isnt going to be around, finacially or emotionally for me... hes already got a 3 year old girl, who he see's once a week and shes only 10 minutes away! telling him he's got another one on the way is way more scary then telling my relatives! i suggested moving to where he is the other day to be with him and go to uni there,,, to which he replied "theres nothing here for you anyway" i do love him, but hes not the type of person who should be a father, hes irrational, irresponsible, and just plain selfish and stupid, but he is the father, I never met my father, and ill be d__ned if im going to let my child go through that.. I just don’t know! Argh!


young_mum_2_b - May 13

hey...look i'm 17 and 33 weeks pregnant...i do have my partner with me and i know he isn't selfish or anything like that but i can understand what u mean...i dont speak to my dad either!! so if u ever want to chat or just need advice about school (i'm still doing school) or anything like that...i've always got time for a chat! my msn is yahoo messenger is luck sweet


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 13

You can go to college while pregnant. I know because I have been for two semesters now. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!



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