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....umm... - July 24

ok so im fixen to turn 16 me n my b/f were foolin around we have talked bout s_x b4 and well when he came over we didnt have a condom but yah we did it he didnt c_m tho but we only did it for like 10 scared...i have a period in bout 2 weeks...are there any signs of like really early poregnancy the first week that i could look for cuz i cant wait so long to find out..and is thier any way to make my self have a miscarriage if i am..sune told me to hit myself in the tummy every morning and night and that coudl cause a misscarriage at a early stage thingy but i dunno? .and i also heard of taking sum kinda pillsto prevent it


nay - July 24

take the contraception pills if you really think you need to. I think there is a slim chance that you might be pregnant. People say that praying to God doesn't have to do anything with pregnancy, but just try it, it'll make you feel so much better.


...Um... - July 24

wat are those pills? r they capable of taking like a few days after s_x? or only morning after...


ellie - July 24

go and take the morning after pill NOW! they work for only 3 days after having s_x. i doubt that you are pregnant, it would be VERY unlikely, but if u r worried, then just get the morning after pill.


upset! - July 24

you could possibly be pregnant, cus before a lad c_ms theres pre-ejacualtion, you were at risk of pregnancy the moment you didnt use a condom! And why are u thinking of causing a misscarraige?! you dont even know if you are pregnant, if you hitting yourself by your womb, u cud stop yourself from ever gettin pregnant! ull have to wait to see if you miss your period, and then buy a test if you dont come on....if the outcome is negative...dont put yourself at risk of unwanted pregnancy again. an if your are then u need to grow up and stop talking about even thinking of trying to cause a misscarraige and think of adoption or abortion, in your case thats probably the best thing for you, if your willing to kill it by punching yourself in the stomach!


Audrey - July 25

If your period is in two weeks then you're in your fertile time now and have a high risk of getting pregnant. Go to a doctor or a clinic and get the morning-after pill RIGHT AWAY. It's effective up to 72 hours after the accident. In the future insist that your bf use a condom or he's not getting anything from you.



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