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Tabitha - December 6

This is not so much a question as it is an opinion or a statement. I am 16 and three months pregnant, I did not want to be in this condition at this age but I made mistakes and here I am. I made it through TG by wearing loose clothes and eating everything in sight. But here comes X-mas and right behind it new years. By then I will be four months along and as hard as it has been to hide my condition so far I think that it will soon become much harder. When I look at myself in the mirror whether fully dressed or not it is obvious that I am pregnant. The swollen br___ts the way the waist line of my pants bulges out around my belly, how tight even my loosest clothes look now. I think my folks suspect what is going on but they respect my privacy too much to intrude and I thank them for it. But what about next month? Or if I am lucky enough to get that far what about the month beyond? I have had friends who have been preggers before me and I know for sure that between 4 and a half to 5 months there is just no way your going to be able to hide it anymore. It is a conundrum one that I am not relishing facing. But already I love this baby, and in a strange way I love what it is doing to me. But maternity clothes are expensive and make the condition obvious. So to all you girls out there who like me have buns in the oven and babies on board this time of the year. Your advice is needed and wellcome, and I wish you all good luck, and Happy Hollidays.


Melissa - December 6

If you think your parents already suspect your pregnant, you should just come out with it and let them know. It probably won't be that big of a shocker and then they can help you get the things you need as you progress. You won't have to worry about clothes not being able to fit or what you are going to do about school. It will be alot easier to have an adult helping you make plans for the future.


Tabitha - December 7

Melissa; you are right but my problem is not this. it is getting up the corage to do it and clothes really arent that much of a problem right now that is. I know later it will be.


Judith - December 7

It's going to be hard to tell your parents, but imagine how relieved you will feel afterwards. You can get maternity clothes at the thrift store for less than $5 an item, and people don't usually wear them that long, so they're usually in good shape. But don't start wearing maternity clothes until you've told your parents you're expecting.


mel - December 7

Are you getting prenatal care? That is the most important thing, and yes you can find maternity clothes in thrift stores, even e-bay.


CAROL - December 7

You could always get clothes in a larger size instead of paying for maternity. I think you should probably tell your parents soon, anyway. You're young and ye,s they'll be mad, but you need help. Good luck and peace.


brittany - December 7

you need to tell your wont be that hard seeing as you think that they already suspect've got to start getting prenatal care for this baby...its very important for the growth and success of this child...if you plan on keeping it...which is what you sound like to me...good luck...and youll get through it dont be scared...we do it everyday...and congrats on your soon-to-be new addition!


Steph - December 7

Don't take this the wrong way but, you were "grown up" enough to have s_x, so you need to be a grown up and tell your parents that you are pregnant. You can't be afraid of what your parents are going to say or do, as you are now going to be responsible for another life. If you care so much about your baby as you claim you do, you need to tell your parents and start getting prenatal care as soon as possible.



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