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Milly - November 18

h__lo i am only 13, i had s_x with two boys at a party. We used condoms, so i am not pregnant, but since then i have a really itchy va___a, and a crumbly thick discharge that sort of smells? What could this be? before this i had only had s_x once and that was 2 months ago and i didnt get this problem. My friend says maybe it is some infection from having to much s_x, cos it was about half an hour with each boy, and i do it three times with one and two with the other, and i was getting sore near the end,but this was over like about 12 hours. Pls help i am scared


$weetne$$ - November 18

first of all i would like to address the issue of a 13 year old having s_x in the first place, i would like to no what kind of full fillment u are getting from it? are u confusing love with s_x? cos i think you should try slowing RIGHT down (maybe even go in reverse) and think about what u are doing? would u like a baby at 13? and even worst you are having s_x with several different boy at only the age of 13...i dont think at the age of 13 you are emtionaly ready to be having s_x, cos i dont think you quite understand the emtional feelings dat go along wid s_x....and to answer your question, it sounds abit like u have thrush (which isnt caused by having to much s_x, no infection is caused by having to much s_x...dats another sign dat u are not emtionaly ready for s_x) or it could be an infection, because having s_x with random boys (even though u did use a condom) runs the risk of u catching an infection...if i was you i would go along to your doctor or a clinic and get checked out, and also talk to someone about ur s_xual activity, i find out why you feel the need to sleep with different boys at such a tender age :o)


Audrey - November 18

You likely have a yeast infection, triggered by the lubricants on the condoms you used. You can get over-the-counter remedies like Monistat or talk to your doctor. BTW, I agree with $weetne$$ - back up. You don't need to be having s_x right now, there are much better things to do with your time at 13.


s___t - November 18

s___t s___t s___t whore whore whore


how I feel - November 18

I don't know what the point is of leaving comments like the one above.If that is how you feel about it..that's not the right way to try and encourage somebody not to be having s_x at such a young age.... If anything, try and give some good advice instead of insulting people.


v - November 19

yup sounds like a yeast infection.....if this is a real post....i don't know anyone thats seriously concerned about there health that goes into detail about thier s_xcapade.Its nasty and disgusting.and if this post is real,this 13 yrs old has nothing but stds on her way. harsh you say? well shes the one that wanted opinions,and opinions she got.I agree w/ sweetness all the way,she needs to be playing barbie dolls not having s_x.


T - November 20

milly - you had a yeast infection hun. they are very common and can jsut appear on their own or you can contract a yeast infection through having s_x. its possible one of the guys you had s_x with had a yeast infection or its equally possible you just contracted one on your own. a lot of women/teens and girl get yeast infections. there also referred to as thrush infections. you'll need to go to the chemist or pharmacist and ask for some cream to treat a yeast or thrush infection. follow the instructions clearly and make sure you use the cream correctly. no skipping applications! this should clear your infection up good. however, i would also get checked for std & sti since you had s_x with two different guys. you can get a swab test done at your doctors which is confidential. so dont worry and get the cream! :o)



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