Info On BirthControl Pills

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Bebita_Linda - April 29

I would like to now wat ppl now about it and first hand experiences . is it good or bad . wat type of ppl shouldnt take it . does the pain go down when u get your period or worse when it comes. I GET REALLY BAD PERIODS AND IM SCARED TO TAKE It etc...


Aussie Beck - April 29

Hi! What exactly do you mean by 'really bad periods'? If you mean heavy bleeding, then yes the pill can reduce the heaviness, when I'm on the pill (recently had a baby so not taking again just yet), my periods are virtually non-existant! I have a very light flow when I'm on it. I'm not sure about the pain part


quinnies_mommy - April 29

the pill will help with your cramps, etc. but my flow didnt lighten. I got preg. on the pill though.


young_mum_2_b - April 29

yes i fell pregnant on the pill did one of my friends..and a couple of my family members so if u decide to go on it...still use condoms as well for double protection


momma87 - April 29

When I was put on the pill, my periods were way better. I would get very sick when they came and all I wanted to do was sleep because when I was sleeping, I didn't have to think of the pain. The pill made my pain almost go away and my periods were only like 4 days long. That's my experience...


corinne - April 30

I know this isn't about the pill but i received an email giving information about what may happen to women while on the ortho evra patch thought people should see this. it can cause blood clots,pulminary embolism, heart attacks, stroke, deep vein thrombosis,, and even death kinda scary so thought i would post it.


heatherlove - May 2

the pill didnt do much for me, it still didnt regulate my periods that well. i would skip a month or 2 and stuff. the flow was really light, when i did get them. and they only lasted about 3-4 days. and ive never really had much pain so that didnt change. i got pregnant on the pill too though.


Emma2 - May 3

corinne, what you have discovered is a possibility wiuth every type of BC not just that one in particular.


corinne - May 3

It's just kind of scary to know that one of the things that preventsa woman from becoming pregnant can cause such problems.


Rachel0510 - May 4

Corrine - You are so right about the patch! Doctors don't even recommend them anymore because they've caused som many health problems. I think they even recalled them. Not sure about the pill or shot though. I think those just make you gain a little weight. Not real dangerous there.


midnight_drift - May 4

Well, if you mean really bad periods, as in, horrible cramping, Oh god the pill helps SO much, ortho trycyclin, and mono nessa really helped me, if it continues, your gyno can give you prescribed pain killers. Trust me, mine were horrible! I've been wheelchaired out of school, and thrown up. Good luck.



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