Information For Every Girl Please Read This

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Shorty - September 1

Okay, I have found a lot of q's re: this issue, so please read, you girls need to know this If you're s_xually active, pregnancy is a possibility with some activities where sperm and the va___a come in close contact. Birth control can help lower the risk of pregnancy. But the only birth control method that is 100% effective is abstinence! To get pregnant, a male's sperm must make its way into your va___a and into the fallopian tubes. There, it must meet and penetrate the outer wall of an egg that is making its monthly trip down the tubes to the uterus--this is called fertilization. The fertilized egg then settles in the uterus to grow. Pregnancy happens most often through va___al intercourse, when a man's ejaculation sends millions of sperm into the va___a. It can happen even if a man pulls out early, since semen is also present in pre-ejaculate fluid (the stuff that comes out of the p__s before he comes). It is also possible to get pregnant if a man spills sperm near the opening of the va___a, either through ejaculation or pre-ejaculate fluid, and just one sperm makes its way into the va___a to an egg. You can get pregnant anytime there is a possibility that a sperm can fertilize one of your eggs. Eggs are available for fertilization during and right after ovulation, and sperm can live inside you for up to five or even seven days. So it's possible to get pregnant anytime during a window of about nine days. Hardly anyone has a completely regular cycle, and younger women usually have more irregular cycles, so it's tricky figuring out when you are the least fertile. Early pregnancy symptoms usually appear about two weeks after conception. They can include a missed period, tender br___ts, bloating, nausea, fatigue, increased or decreased appet_te, frequent urination and/or lightheadedness


Katie - August 13

go away


Meagan - August 13

She's only helping those who don't know. Katie and j - you probably both didn't know this info, so suck it up and find something better to do then critisize.


Moi - August 13

Katie and j - you are little kids, now stop getting involved in grown up talk! You're both pathetic!


brucen - August 14

Great post, Shorty! I hope it helps someone out!


Katie - August 15

Thanx you guys but i did have s_x education so i no all that c___p all ready


Shorty - August 15

Well J if every girl knows this, how come over half of these post are in regards to the above topic? You sit here and say that you know what the hell you are on about and yet, the way you talk, you seem pretty clueless. AND YOU CAN NEVER KNOW TOO MUCH, JUST TOO LITTLE!!


Katie - August 15

Erm J I think you are mistaken!!!!! The SPERM meets the EGG, not the other way around - dumb b___h!!!!!


Katie - August 17

Actually other Katie Person, i don't think it matters which way round it goes - same result!


Niki - September 1

Katie u think u know but u don't know, why i say this .....u r not the only one using this site, people around the world are doing that and most young gals don't have parents or teachers to talk to them....but the site does so u don't know...fool....and for J she is sick and a tired head get lost


Madison - September 1

Shorty great post. You are very well informed and I am sure you have helped some young girl who has not been properly informed. Kudos to you!! :)


D - May 25

Why is someone who is trying to help someone considered a loser. I would think that the person that has nothing better to do with their time other than to make fun of people are the ones that need to get a life!


There are also - May 25

the idiot girls who are being stupid who say "I masturbated with a flashlight, could I be pregnant?" Also, a number of girls who have had s_x may not actually know everything there is to know about pregnancy. So you little girls that cannot even respond politely to someone trying to help, should certainly not be having children. If you are pregnant, grow up. You were "adult" enough to have s_x, be an adult and respect yourself and others.


Carri - May 25

Apparently some young ladies (and I use the term very, very loosely) need a website that will provide them with manners and etiquette information.



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