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InformationMasta - April 15

I'm not pregnant but I just wanted to point out something to all these people on here I see posting about being pregnant at _really_ early ages. It's not physically possible to get pregnant until about a year after you have periods regularly, which is when ovulation starts. So if you're trying to pull some legs go ahead...


China - April 15

i was pregnant after my second period


becca - April 15

ur information is rubbish lol mabey u should worry less about things that dont concerne u and worry more on lisening in claSS AND WHEN U HAVE SOME PROPER INTERESTING INFOMATION COME BACK no caps intended


Audrey - April 15

To InfoMasta- Your info is wrong. It IS possible to become pregnant before you even start your period. Ovulation happens two weeks prior to menstruation. For example, if a 12 year old who has not had a period yet has s_x during the time her first ovulation would occur, then she would become pregnant without experiencing any menstrual bleeding. Such an early pregnancy would very likely not last to term because the girl's body hasn't developed enough yet to carry it. However there are exceptions.


mata - April 16

thanks for the info yall cause i started january of 2004 and i think im about to start havin a 28 cycle. i've been havin a 20 day cycle since i started. on april 9 i supposed have came on but i didn't until the 14th when i supposed to have came off so. im not goin to have s_x until years but the info was helpful Audrey.


maya - April 16

the post before this is mine. the t is supposed to be a y.


that's not tru - April 16

well ot's obvious u never conceived before, actually before a female first gets her period she can ovulate. Some years start their period at about age nine, and can concieve at age nine. The body of the girl is still maturing, but it is possible. So read up before you start talking c___p



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