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Leslie K. - January 5

I'm 17 years old and just took a preg. test which said positive. I have NO idea of how to tell my parents (they are VERY old fashioned and will be VERY disappointed). I havent told the father yet, but I'm sure that he'll stay with me. We've been together for 2 years so I hope he takes this well. I am NOT having an abortion or giving it up for adoption because I made the mistake of not using protection & I am willing to take responsibility for it. The thing is, I have no insurance and I am worried about the cost of having this baby. I know that deliveries are very expensive, thats why I am so worried. I have a job and can buy my baby everything that it needs but I am worried that I wont be able to afford the doc. visits and hospital visits. Is there anything out there that can help?!


Kimberly - January 6

Go to your health unit and ask


Erika - January 6

It's called medicaid. Every state has it. Go to your local health department and sign up for Medicaid. It free. They will pay for everything and give you baby insurance until it turns 19.


Annoyed - January 7

The taxpayers will end up paying for you to have your baby because of your bad choices.


Leslie K. - January 7

Erika - Thank you for your help. I am going to go down there first thing Monday morning and find out more.


crazydaisy - January 7

The best thing to do, is to not get angry or too emotional with the situation. Explain to your parents that you need need to discuss a serious situation with them. Tell them that you are sorry that it happened, but you want to take responsibility for the baby and yourself, but you need their support also. As far as insurance and financial problems, visit your local health department, sign up for Wic, food stamps, etc... You'll probably also be able to receive help from DHS with bills. Don't stress to much, I wish you the best of luck. :)



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