Intentional Pregnancy Drugs Involved

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young_mum_2_b - April 7

hi everyone, i'm 16 years old and i'm 28 weeks pregnant (not on purpose) but i do know a girl who at the age of 15 fell pregnant on purpose to keep her bf and they now have a little girl. this girl used to be a very good friend of mine and their daughter is 2 years old. now my problem is that they smoke dope, alot, around their kid too. they fight when they dont have it, they drink all the time and have even snorted lines (speed) in front of their little girl! i love their kid so very much, she's adorable but their habits are getting that bad that when they are fighting they're little girl stands between them and says "have a bong"...(so they calm down) and offers bongs to people that come in the front door!! what can i do to save this little girl? and what's worse is she's trying to fall pregnant again! please give me advice!


Mommy - April 7

I would say call DCFS on them. A child does not need to be around things like that and I hope your friend does not end up pregnant again. The situation sounds very dangerous and the parents, incompetent. Please call someone who can take the little girl to a safe place, or the very least talk some sense into her selfish parents. Poor little girl. :o(


young_mum_2_b - April 7

i agree but i live in australia, so the Department of Human Services (DHS) won't listen if i make a complaint as i am underage....this girl is no longer my friend but i still feel for her little girl!!


hello - April 7

Some kids dont stand a chance and its so sad. Send them a letter then stating.. names addresses and what is going on in that household........ Someone will look into it, they have too.... Call the police if u have too and tell them of the drugs in the place then childrens services will be brought into it... Please dont let it go, do something for the poor little girl..............


maren - April 7

If your worried that they wont listen to you because of your age have an adult call and make the complaint. Something needs to be done about this its not fair to the little girl. At least call the police about the drug use that is going on, the police will most likely arest the little girls parents and find her more help.


ashchik - April 10

hi young mum 2 b, where abouts in australia are you from??? im 17 and 27weeks pregnant


ash2 - April 10

you need to call the cops on them NOW . and you can even do it secrtley.


young_mum_2_b - April 11

i live in australia...have notified authorities by the way and they are investigating it now


young_mum_2_b - April 15

okay sorry i meant to say i live in victoria australia authorities have promised to look thoroughly into it but what if they found out who notified the authorities? this girl's father-in-law is very violent and knows where i live..i cant afford to have him coming to my house....i only have 11 weeks left and am worried about the risk of losing my baby from doing this



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