Intoducting Myself

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AddysMummy - November 4

My name is Tess, I have a daughter that is 11 months old, I live with my fiance and daughter and we are very happy :) My fiance and I were going to expect a baby but recently found out I was having a miscarriage, and lost the baby, just about a week and a half ago. It was sudden, and we were very upset. I am trying hard to move on so I decided to post here, maybe to get some insight from people who have had a miscarriage before, etc. I used to come here, but I stopped and I decided to come back. So anyone else want to introduce theirselves? Oh and we are getting married in '09!!


GimmeaBub - November 4

Hey, I am getting marred in 09 too, in January! (Summer in Australia) Lol. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks about 3 weeks ago now. Was hard but i have moved on, i havnt got any children yet, So hopen and a prayen that it happens soon! Best of Luck !!


Laurz - November 5

Hi Tess Im Lauren. Im sorry you have to go through this :-( I've never had a miscarriage but my daughter died at 4months old so I know what its like to lose a child. Im almost 13 weeks pregnant atm and just praying everything will go ok. Congrats on your upcoming wedding :-D I'm engaged, but we havent set no dates yet, probably be 09 like you x


PreciousBaby19 - November 5

Hiya hun. Long time no speak. How come you aren't on msn anymore.


PreciousBaby19 - November 5

when you get me.


AddysMummy - November 5

Hello :) Well good luck getting pregnant, GimmeaBub ! I can't wait t get married in '09 I wanted to sooner but BOO, can't :(. And thank you, Laurz, I am sorry you had to loose your daughter so soon after she was born, I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I feel. And hey, hun, I can't get on MSN cause my computer is acting up, but once jakes gets his fixed I can :P


MrsSmacker - November 7

Well my name is Sharon. i lost my baby without even noing i was pregnant in febuary. Umm i mite be pregnant now. And im Getting Married in 09 2!!!



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