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AlieNicole - February 16

Ok, this may be a stupid question but I was wondering how an irregular period can affect me getting pregnant? Last year I had two periods( one around March , the other around October) I knew something was wrong so I went to the doctor. She put me on hormones of some kind which caused me to have a period from Dec 15-24 ish and I haven't had one since . I had unprotected s_x a few times in the last two weeks, and also a few times at the beginning of Jan. Can irregular periods prevent me from getting pregnant or are my chances of getting pregnant the same?


hailey07 - February 16

I don;t think that irregular periods can prevent you from becoming pregnant. If anything they make it harder to calculate ovulation. I'm curious to know what hormones your doctor prescribed. Are they birth control pills? Did they come in injection form? Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms? (sore b___sts, nausea, lotion discharge, frequent urination, etc) Either way, if you are that late, take a pregnancy test and find out for sure, it will put your mind at ease a bit.


AlieNicole - February 16

Thanks for the reply Hailey, I dont know the exact name of the meds off hand , they were pills, I took them for a week and they made me have a period. I have been having to run to the bathroom alot my b___sts are kind of sore..


Amanda18 - February 16

Irregular periods like yours stop pregnancy because you do not ovulate. It's not that its hard to calculate ovulation its just not happening at all. I have the same issue with mine coming only 2-3 times on there own and needed medication to get pregnant.


jazminesmom - February 16

the pill is probaly provra i have had to take it a few times in the past. i am trying for a baby so it is very hard to know if i am ovulationg


Brittany - February 16

Just because your not having a period doesn't mean you are not ovulating. It's just harder to calculate an ovulation date because your period is so irregular. If you are not planning to get pregnant, use some type of birth control. As you get older, your body will regulate a routine. I do know women who do not have regular periods still though so just be careful. Your b___sts are probably sore because of the hormones...or you could be pregnant, take a test in a week or two. You ARE ovulating, just because you don't have a period doesn't mean you can't get pregnant or your prevented from pregnancy, good luck. Talk to your doctor or take birth control pills to regulate a routine period. If the pills she gave you are not working, try something new. Use condoms, they'll help prevent pregnancy and STDs!


Amanda18 - February 16

If you have one or two periods a year its because you are not ovulating! That is why you do not have a freaking period. You cannot time ovulation when ovulation is not occurring. If your periods are irregular by a couple days or a week or two that's different but this is MONTHS! Talk to your doctor and I'm sure he will tell you this. All I had to say to my doctor was I'm trying to get pregnant but I only have a period every 5-6 months and automatically what does he say? "Your not ovulating. your going to need help." And I wasn't the exception, this is almost always the problem. If your not trying to get pregnant go on the pill. If you are they will give you medication that will induce ovulation.


AlieNicole - February 17

Thanks for the replies, the reason I ask is because I think I could be pregnant, but I wasn't sure if it was possible because of my irregular period!



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