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Frankie - August 23

I'm already 17 and my period still comes at different times -- sometimes even months apart! I started having s_x about 3 weeks ago... and sometimes my boyfriend doesn't use a condom (but he doesn't come inside of me either... and yes I know how dangerous pre-c_m is). When am I supposed to start worrying that I might be pregnant? Could u recommend any birth control pills I could take?


manda - August 21

I just started the patch. It's alot easier to remember than the pill


Frankie - August 23

What's the patch?


Hello - August 23

I have exactly thesame problem as u and I 28 yrs old. So I'm sry to tell you that if you are looking forward to a time when you won't neccesarily have to worry about you irregular"ness" it mite never happen. I am always worried when I don't see my period that I'm pregnant because usually I am.(I have four kids) With my last baby I din't even miss a period and I took a hpt that came out positive. So be careful. We have an especially hard time of keeping track of ovulation and possible fertilization. Also i would suggest a mini-pill like Alesse or Tri-Cyclen because of your aage and they did work well for me with regulating my period and contraception when I took them properly.


jessica - August 23

i think once you start havin s_x you should think bout birth control to be on the safe side. if you like pills and can remember to take them at the same time everyday i would recommend ortho-tricyclen. but if you want something that you dont really have to worry about you can get on the dep-vera shot. you only have to get a shot every 3 months. hope this helps!


lee - September 24

im in exactly the same boat at the moment, im waiting to my period comes then im going to get the implant in, which lasts for about 3 years, a lot of people have recommended it to me, i think its called norplant.



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