Is Abortion The Right Way To Go

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Megan - September 9

I am 8 weeks pregnant but the thing is the baby might not be my fiances. I've been having regular s_x with another guy and had a one night stand with a guy at a party. I had an abortion a year ago when I was 17 because my fiance and I split up for a while and I didn't want to be a single mom. He was furious at the time but we got back together 6 months ago. He found the pregnancy test in my bag so he knows I am pregnant. I really think that I should just get an abortion and tell him I miscarried. Has anyone else done this?


To Megan - August 17

i dont totally agree with what you did but what you do is your choice. but i have a question. What was it like having an abortion??? like was it painful and did you have to rest a lot. i am not pregnant but i am just curious what you have to go through in the procedure.


randy - August 17

Megan i completelt agree with you, even though you really shouldn't e sleeping around on your fiance, it will be easier to get an abortion instead of dealing with what everyone will say...ignore the people on this board that bad mouth you it is your choice, and alot of people would do the same thing in your position, my ne question is why are you engaged at such a young age? It sounds like you are too young to get married and also sounds like you aren't ready, i am 26 and have been married almost a year, I cheated on my fiance once, it was the most horrible thing that i have ever done, and i hate to say this, but if anyone calls you a s___t that is so unfair, because guys sleep around all the time on their sig others and for some reason everyone accepts that...


Katie - August 17

Randy: you only cheated once, from what shes said it sounds like Megans not only been having an affair, but shes had a one night stand aswell !. It sounds to me like your trying to justify women cheating, Just beacause men do it to. Personally to me any kind of cheating is wrong unless you are in an open relationship, and you and your partner have made that kind of agreement.


brucen - August 18

Do what you think is best for you. It may be too soon for you to be in a serious relationship. Obviously you are not taking this one very seriously. It's one thing to play with your life, another to play with your fiance's. Having unprotected s_x with all of these different people and him is very selfish---to say the least. I hope that you are not leading him to believe he is the father of the baby, and after getting the abortion telling him you miscarried. It's wrong! In fact it's so wrong it's something you should have never uttered to another living soul.


SaRaH - August 18

You should be honest with your fiance. How would you feel if he was cheating on you and got someone else pregnant? Do to other what you would want done to you! Be faithful and have some respect for yourself. Abortion is not my way of life but it is your CHOICE!!!


summer - August 19

abortion messes up your insides and if you want to have a baby later down the road it lessens your chances and you are more likely to have a it's up to you but i'd keep the baby and tell him the whole truth~!


babe - August 19

I actually had an abortion two years ago. I was not ready for a baby, and it was a really bad situation. I have just found out that they botched up the job and my ueteris got infected because they did not clean me out properly. I now can't have kids. You have no idea how something that may seem so simple, ends up being the worst thing to do... I think of the huge mistake I made every single day, I wish my baby was here, and I wish I could actually get pregnant to give them a brother or sister. Please don't do it. Its not worth it.. nothing is.


To Babe - August 21

I am sooooo sorry. I know that has got to be hard thing to accept.I thank you for sharing your experience.I wish you well & God bless!


K - August 23

Megan, get an abortion because for the rest of your life you will have this horrible secret. It sounds like you are too young and irresponsible to be married let alone be a mom, raising a child is a huge responsibility. Hopefully you can learn from this and move on. Don't listen to these people calling you names, I don't agree with what you've done, but you've come here for help and I hope whatever you choose to do is the right thing, whatever that may be. Good Luck!


jessica - August 23

i am not here to judge you or anythin but u did ask for peoples opinions. i personally have never been in your shoes but i am engaged. i do have two kids already. my oldest sons father left me when i was pregnant and i was a single mom for a while until i met my fiance and my little son is by the love of my life and i can't imagine having s_x with someone else now. i think you need to face your responsibilities and stop havin abortions just because of the situation you are in. being a single mom can be hard but over all it will make you a stronger woman. u should tell him the situation it will clear your mind and allow you to live happier. it may sound weird because you are about to get married but look at it from the outside, you are engaged and you are still messing around. obviously something is wrong at home! i dont mean to sound mean or anythin im just statin my opinion.


brucen - August 23

I, for one, am cool with her having as many abortions as she wants to, because it's her choice. I wholeheartedly support her right to do so, just as support your right to oppose it.


Neeta - September 5

If you haven't already, tell your fiance the truth and let him decide for himself. Don't you dare try to disguise an abortion as a miscarriage. Could you really live with yourself when you are getting sympathy from your poor fiance and everyone else when really you are a coward that cannot take responsibility for your own actions. You are obviously not at all ready for marriage or even a relationship. Let the poor guy go and then live the way you want so you can't hurt anybody. It is your choice if you want to get an abortion but please do not lie to get sympathy and shirk your responsibilities. Use protection and wait until you are grown up enough and ready for a relationship and a family before you get involved monogamously.


SaL - September 5

yeah Aussie's rule!!!! we are the best. not s___ts like megan. who won Tri nations?? was it Australia. No wait it was the b___d South Africans. They have a pretty hot team, but the All Blacks are better especially Danial Carter. And also u know u americans, u r such pussies when it comes to football. u like have huge shoulder pads and helmets and everything. Those boys affraid of bashing into eachother. Atl east in Rugby union/league their real men and dont need to run around the field i bean bags.


ella - September 5

either stick to the subject and grow up or go away and find a saddo site to vent your silly frustrations on.


shutup ella - September 5

shutup ella, she's right americans do suck, especially this s___t megan. you do probably have aids or something. i look out the window at beautiful australia and see a country 9000000000000 times better than America with 99.999% less s___ts. U americans suck especially people like megan. U guys r all weird coming on here getting advice cause ure getting married at 17 and ure pregnant too. I hope u guys become sterile so hopefuly america wont have to give birth to more of you


china - September 5

Hey Ella I agree with u. And if u aussies are so smart how come the only insults u can think of are 'i bet u got aids' and point out differences in football? It wont be easy but go find a life.



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