Is Adoption A Good Choice

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Samantha - September 3

My 17 year old sister is due to give birth any day now and she is putting the baby up for adoption. My family and I are very sad about this and she has refused to let my parents raise the baby as their own. Can adoption ever be better than being raised by your real mother or blood relatives? I have 2 children of my own and I can't believe their never going to get to play with their baby cousin.


Bailey - September 3

Adoption is a great decision. You have to make the right choice for you and the baby and not worry about outside forces. I am giving my baby up through an open adoption. I have met the adoptive parent and they are wonderful. This will be there 2nd adoption & they allowed me to meet the other teen who they adopted from. That teen could not say enough about how her adoption went and these parents. I know I am doing the right thing. I am not the best thing for my baby-- adoption is & works!


Hollie - September 3

I am adopted and after meeting my biological mother I am so grateful for the decision she made. to answer your question, adoption is better than being raised by your real mother or blood relative especially if your real mother was a teenage pregnancy and couldn't raise the child. My biological mother made alot of bad choices by getting pregnant as a teenage but she turned it into a great one for the baby (me), she gave me up for adoption. I am 19 now, I was raped, and I am pregnant. I don't want this child and I am putting it up for adoption. I will never be able to look at this child and not see & experience that rape all over again, every day of my life! Adoption was best for me, is still best of me & the only way that is best for this baby. Adoption- First & only choice!


Suzanna - September 3

Adoption is better if you can't raise, financially support, etc. the child on your own. A 17 year old is not equiped enough to handle a baby much less preparing for the future needs like college or a wedding. If you need help, excluding mental support, from your family to raise a child then you are too young and you should put the child up for adoption.


Jill - September 3

When are you going to understand that s_x is NOT a responsible action and it does not qualify you to be a responsible parent! Quite the opposite if you think about it.


Judy - September 3

Adoption is the only way for tax payers not to have to pay for these teenage pregnancies (under 18). I am tired of teenagers making mistakes and not using birth control properly or not even using it and me having to work my a__s off so they can be on welfare. I have three kids of my own & it is hard to make ends meet but there are teenagers in my community that are on state subsidized housing and welfare because they had a kid. IT angers me!!


brucen - September 3


maria - September 3

to judy-i have two kids and i'm on subsidized housing as well. i dont understand what your problem is. you dont have any idea what i've been thru at all so you can not say that you are upset i am on subsidized housing. there are alot more people on this then you think. and they aren't just teenage moms. there are grown single mothers that can not afford the rent of a normal apartment. i am not a stay at home mommy like i would like to be. i work 2 full jobs and i go to school part time. yes i do receive food stamps and other state help like affordable daycare for my kids. but lets be honest this is the united states of america where you have to have a wealthy family to be able to find a decent house, not to mention good credit. but that is neither here nor there. i know i am doing the best to provide for my children. u say you work your a__s off for you children...well guess what...SO DO I!!!


Viv - September 3

Let me guess! The experience of getting this child was so traumatic that she does not want it anywhere in her life. It's her decision. Let it be!


Judy - September 3

Adults are not the problem b/c I understand they end up this way sometimes due to divorce. My comments were regarding teens. Teens don't have to be on welfare or subsidized housing because they made a poor decision & got themselves pregnant. My comments were stricky directed towards teen pregnancy. Sorry you misunderstood what I was getting at.


Jeanie - September 3

Adoption is a wonderful, loving, and selfless act. It takes more of yourself to give up a baby than it does to raise one. I have done both so before I get bashed I do know what I am talking about!


Scottie - September 3

I believe adoption should be the only choice for teenagers. My gf & I messed up big time and why should we or the kid have to live w/the huge mistake for the rest of our lives. We are relieved to be putting this kid up for adoption and have decided to refrain from s_x until we are married. I know protection can/will work but why take another chance. This was not a decision we took lightly. We spoke w/our parents who surprisely said they would support us if we wanted to raise the kid but we both knew it was not right for us or the kid. We feel we are taking responsibility! Why should our parents have to support us because we acted stupidly in the heat of the moment. ---------No Regrets



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