Is His Mother Crazy

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kimyra08 - June 21

me and my boyfriend are so so in love and its been steady for about 1 1/2. Now I'm pregnant. our connection is so close and we know each others every move. his mother thinks i am a bad influence and demands he take a paternity test when the baby come. WE...WE do not want one. Since we are 17, dos anyone know if the doctors will make us take one.or can I tell the doctor its a crazy lady snatching babies and take care of business before she opens her mouth. HELP PLEASE!!!


AddysMummy - June 21

You can't be forced into taking one but if you have nothing to loose why not take one? If it will calm her down and prove her to be wrong I would take one. Especially to rub it in her face.


breezieb - June 21

i agree with addy! especially if she is in his ear over and over it will start to place little seeds in the back of his headeven if he dosen't beleave it he might want to test even just to shut her up or whatever and then might be afraid to tell you for fear that u will think that it is because he dosen't trust you. And if you refuse that might also give doubt. I would do it if I was you just to make sure your guy has no doubts and so his mom will ease up because all that extra stuff can weigh on even the tightest of couples. If you have nothing to worry about it is a win win!!! what would be the reason for not doing it? Besides usally if you tell his mom I don't care i will take one right now then she might back off and not prusue it but if say u are't doin it she will wonderwhat u r hiding and push harder! EVENTUALLY he will wonder why u wont do just to shut his mom up. Also even if the mom is out of line the fact is she is is mom and your babies grandma and it would be a shame to watch a mother and her soon drift apart over something that can easily be resolved and when she see's he is the father then maybe she could learn a lesson and it could bring everyone closer.....sorry so long...please keep me far along are you? how old are you and your boyfriend if you don't mind me asking. also does he live with her? if so she can wear him down fast in the same house


breezieb - June 21

sorry just seen that ya'll are 17


AddysMummy - June 21

Breezieb is really right ... it can reallly weigh on a couple not knowing and if you don't take one it will just get worse she will wonder if you are doing it because the baby really ISN'T his.


Teddyfinch - June 21

1 1/2. 1 1/2 what? weeks? days? hours? years? months? (well that was totally out of order). the good thing is you both know who the parents are. take the test and before you do tell her it's just so she shuts up and learns to believe her son. the beauty of it is you already know the outcome of the test so when you get the results, rub her nose in it.


angelmonkey - June 21

i agree with addy if you have nothing to hide then take one, and if you know he's the father how stipid and what an interfering b___h she,s going to look! lol



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