Is It Jus Me

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mamaricaybonita - May 12

ive been having cramps and i dont really know when i had ma last period. i had s_x last month and i have a feeling that im late. i took the pregnancy test three times and each time it said unclear results....however saying i might be pregnant...are the test inaccurate or should i jus get a blood test...and if i get a blood test from the doctor will my mom find out??


young_mum_2_b - May 12

ur mum wont find out because of patient doctor confidentiality...they're not allowed to tell ur parents...i'd suggest u go to your doctor just to be sure ok??


In_Denial - May 12

Like young_mum_2_b said you have patient doctor confidentiality rights however if you don't want your mom finding out about the appointment at all, then i suggest you go to Planned Parenthood or some other health clinic where they do it for free.


Grandpa Viv - May 13

hCG hormone levels double every few days. Wait a week and take another home test., first morning pee. You are not listing any early preg signs, which is good.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 13

I was only four weeks when I took a home pregnancy test (generic brand) and it was as clearly positive as it could be. Try testing over a period of a few days.


midnight_drift - May 15

Your mom wouldn't find out if you got a blood test, and just went back to the doctor. I did, my mom didn't find out at all. =).


mamaricaybonita - May 15

thank you going to take a test in like two days and see how it goes and its good to hear tha the doctor wont tell cause i dont want to tell ma mom when im not sure i wan to tell her when im positive. buh that u a lot for the help ill keep u posted if anything else occurs....thank tou sooo much


collint3 - May 16

i think you should just get a blood test. BUt honestly, you know if you're pregnant. You can easily go to a free clinic and they will tell you. Thats what i did and no one knew but my fiance until i was 10 weeks


Ddvinson3 - May 16

Well the dr. can't legally tell your mother but if you have insurance it might not be covered and then she would get a bill. That's the only bad thing. I had to take a pregnancy test one time when I was 16 at my obgyn just for routine check up. And it wasn't covered and they sent a bill to my mom. But I told her before so it wasn't a shock but she still got the bill for it. So I would just go to the health clinic it's free and they won't tell anyone. Good luck


mamaricaybonita - May 16

is it true that a pregnancy test is mostly correct buh it can come positive if ur period is about to come?


corinne - May 16

To: mamaricaybonita...You can not get a positive hpt if your about to start your period the only way you can get a positive hpt is if your pregnant. Whoever told you that you can get a positive hpt when your about to start your period needs to check to resources because they are wrong. Positives only come if you miss a period and are pregnant.



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