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shay - March 1

is it normal to have cramps during the day and for it to hurt my stomach when I stretch? Also my Fiance' (my baby's dad) when he kisses me and try's to make out, I really don't ever feel like it. Even when he wants to have s_x i just don't want to. Is it normal, I have no problem with him and I'm so glad he's very understanding I just don't know if it's normal.


becca - March 1

yea i completely went off s_x for ages i dont think its anything 2 worry about i have 4 days to go now and all i wont is s_x its strange i think its a hormone thing good job my b/f understands


Audrey - March 1

shay- It's normal to not want s_x at all during early pregnancy. Your body and hormones are all working hard with growing a baby so your s_x drive gets turned off for a while. The cramps are normal too, it's your insides stretching to make room for the baby to grow. Best wishes!


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 1

Shay you know there is a little life growing inside of you, and he or she is taking your energy along with your s_x drive ( he he ) Don't worry tell your fiance that soon those hormons will work in his favor! You just got to make sure that you are comfortable and not in any extravagant s_x positions :P Also women tend to think s_x will hurt their baby and there fore do not want to engage in s_xtual activities! Its perfectly normal to think this way! But truth is s_x is perfectly fine and healthy! Just don't be doing the work!! The pulling and hurt that you feel when you streach is so normal! You can't expect to be the same as you were before! Things change and you will see many different things! The only time to worry is when you get horrible cramps that send you to the floor constantly and bleeding! Sometimes a little bleeding(spotting) is alright but you would always want to have it checked out! Take care and enjoy! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing!!


Gisele - March 1

How far along are you? When I was pregnant I also didnt want my boyfriend touching me or anything, i had no s_xual drive what so ever, I hated s_x, like the other ladies have said its a hormonal thing, and i think its normal.


Shay - March 2

7 weeks along



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