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inferno19 - March 2

My girlfriend is telling me she is four days late today. She normally begins her period on the 26th, but this month it appears to be different. Let me lay this out first, we normally engage in "foreplay" type things and "outercourse". However, we have only had s_x twice, and it was protected, and months ago. She had had her periods with regularity since then though, so I'm not concerned about those time. We normally just do the "dry-humping" and sometimes, one of us will lose our pants - but never, ever both of us. We never have direct genital contact, and I never ejaculate when we're doing this, either. The only feasible way I could see anything happening is from fingering her, but even then, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS check to see if there is anything on my hands and make a great effort to ensure nothing is on my hands. So I'm wondering why she is late this month. She has been diagnosed with lupus, and to me, it sounds like it has been getting worse. She has been developing bad fevers and shaking uncontrollably alot recently. She believed it could have been a form of anemia, which I've researched to delay menstruation, but she hasn't seen a doctor. But I believe that nothing has happened, as she has been unbelievably stressed and sicker than usual with what I believe to be lupus recently. Please give me some input on this. All I want to do is reassure her, because she's scared out of her mind. I want to be helpful and talk her through it, but I KNOW that nothing could have happened. I want to tell her to relax, for her own sake, but I know this makes me look insincere and uncaring. Please, any input would be appreciated.


Grandpa Viv - March 2

Your contraceptive pratice seems sound. Stress, sickness, antibiotics etc can delay the cycle. To put her mind at ease you can have her take a Dollar Store $4 home test on Saturday morning first pee, but it sounds like it should be negative. Good luck!


Noodle - March 3

lupus is a disease where the immune system attacks other systems of the body as if they were 'foreign' as it were. irregular periods is something that goes with lupus, and if she is getting worse than that may be whats caused the problem. i doubt very very much that she is pregnant. i do know a bit about lupus as a friend of mine has it and she has found it very difficult to carr a pregnancy. lupus is made worse by artificial sweetners, to the point where, if these sweetners are taken out of the diet, the symptoms of lupus can disappear completely. you will still be left with the disease however, it will not be so strong. if you look up on for lupus aspartame you will find a lot of information about this problem. can i make a suggestion that your girlfriend stops drinking anything thats diet, and checks fod for added sweetners before she eats them. this stuff is found in a wide variety of productions, so if it says with sugars and sweetners you can never be sure. youghart, milk drinks, fizzy drinks, cordials, even things like tinned food and ketchup can contain this stuff. i suggest you or your girlfriend do some research into this, as it may be the key to helping her feel better. best of luck



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