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Icarus - July 7

Ok, so my boyfriend and I were fooling around and he started fingering me, but he'd stop sometimes and..for lack of a better explanation...'rub' himself. Then he'd finger me again, I dont know if he had any pre-c_m on his fingers or if he was pre-c_mming at all because he wasnt even close to climaxing. And also, If i got c_m on my hand, but wiped it off..but then several hours later went to the bathroom could I get it in me from that? I'm so scared that I screwed up. And I dont know if I'm ever late or not or anything because I take pills from the Derm that throw off my period and I'm skinny and run a lot. So I never know for sure when I'm going to start. Should I just try to go by my last one? God, I'm just so scared. I know this may sound like I'm over-reacting but I'd kill myself before I became another teen statistic and got pregnant.


lilmomma88 - July 7

I am not going to be rude, but I dont like that last comment. This forum is full of teens who are pregnant and who are young moms, and we don't really appreciate hearing that. Just because I am a teen mom, does not mean I am "just another statistic". Accidents happen! And for your questions... no its probably not possible for you to be pregnant but if you want to take a test just to be cool go ahead...


Mommy - July 7

I agree with lilmomma, take a test. And as for your last comment, the best way not to become "another teen statistic," as you put it, is to not have s_x if you don't have basic knowlege of what can get you pregnant. Cum that was wiped off your hand and had a few hours to dry will not get you pregnant. Get educated, then have s_x. Otherwise, you are in for many more pregnancy scares.


MaMa 2 B - July 7

i agree with both of these too...especially mommy about if u dont wanna b "just another statistic" then get ur facts straight! and i dont appreciate that comment either because just cuz i'm pregnant does not me i'm "just another statistic" it means i'm a teenager who is putting her life on hold to manage the life of someone else...


Grandpa Viv - July 7

Since you are not ovulating regularly, the chances of pregnancy are pretty slim to start with. Cum from your hand hours later will not get you pregnant. Him jerking off until he almost c_ms, then right away fingering you has some potential. You are going to be having regular s_x by the end of the summer. Go buy some v____al spermicide and condoms. Insist that you do not even start fooling around until you have these supplies on hand, and use both every time, a new condom for each session. Good luck!


EricaLynn - July 7

I dont think any lady on this site would appreciate that comment. We have to make huge decisions and take alot of responsibilty for our actions. I realize alot of teens (like yourself) do not feel ready to take that kind of responsibility, but you dont have to bash on those of us that do. Educate yourself, I totally agree on that one. Listen up in s_x ed and health cla__s. And while it is very slim that you are pregnant, maybe if you were it would teach you to give some respect to us "statistics" Grow up, your obviously not ready to deal with something so life changing.


Emma2 - July 7

Don't stress your not pregnant. It takes a lot more than that on his finger to get it to work and dont forget the factor of "fertile time" . Your last comment was perfectly fine anyone who is a teen is a statistic whether people like it or not...Just like unwed moms are a statistic (like me). I would suggest being a little more careful in the future though.


MaMa 2 B - July 7

actually if he did have c_m on his fingers it could get her pregnant but dont worry the chances r slim....also Emma2 we r not just ANOTHER statistic...that is not the right way to put it!


lilmomma88 - July 7

whatever emma, go ahead and consider yourself a statistic...but leave us out of it


Icarus - July 8

I didnt mean to offend anyone with my comment about the statistic. It's just that there are so many girls in my school that they're lives are ruined and are unhappy because they got pregnant. I dont want my whole life thrown away and be dissowned by my parents just because of my stupidity and lack of caution.


lilmomma88 - July 8

I am 17 and a new mom and i dont consider my life thrown away because i have a fact i feel my life is just beginning


MaMa 2 B - July 8

don't feel ur life it thrown away just because u r havin a baby....your life is just on hold for a lil bit and u can still do ne thing u evr wanted to! and yes emma consider urself a statistic but leave us out of it! but if that is how u feel then u should b a lot more careful!! or not do ne thing at all!



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