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XXXXXXXX - November 24

Hya I had s_x on the 17,18, 20 and the 21st of this month,unprotected. I was meant to be coming on my period the 22nd, i am two dates late do you think that is anything to worry about, and i have regular periods, have done for a while thanks xxxxxxxx


XXXXXXXX - November 24

sorry that was meant to be DAYS LATE xxxxx


unprotected s_x=no protection - November 24

no protection = possible pregnancy you can get pregnant at any point in your monthly cycle, you can even be on your period and still conceive


ameigh - November 24

hey, since you had s_x just a few days ago, as stressful as it is, your probably gunna have to wait like a week or even two just for it show on a test if your pregnant or not.. it didnt show till i was a month :|... if you dont get your period, take a test in a week or two and take care of your self until then good luck!


Grandpa Viv - November 25

The week before you come on your period is safe, provided you ovulated on schedule two weeks before your period was due. Learn your signs of ovulation like ovulation pain, fertile mucus, and soft high cervix. Use a condom every time along with a backup like pill or v____al spermicide (same counter as the condoms) and stay away from your fertile period days 8-16 of a 28 day cycle. Keep your fingers crossed that you ovulated on schedule this month. Take a home test Dec 10th first pee if your period has not come by then. Good luck!


mia - November 25

no it isnt grandpa, i got pregnant a day b4 my period many yrs ago. It was the only time i had unprotected s_x in that month so i knew


mia - November 25

why u crazily having unprotected s_x?do u want a baby


Grandpa Viv - November 25

Thanks for the pointer, Mia. In my opinion, when you got pregnant from s_x the day before your period, it was most likely because you ovulated late that month. That can happen from stress, sickness, antibiotics(?) and maybe other reasons. That is why I include the proviso "provided you ovulate on schedule". There is no science to show that the egg can be fertilized more than a couple of days after ovulation. XXXXX has some cause for concern since her period is late, which at the very least means she ovulated a little late.


XXXXXXXX - November 26

Hya well thanks for all your answers and i am still late, been feeling a bit like i am going to come on but i don't.I am now 4 days late, so not sure what to do for the best xxxx


XXXXXXXX - November 27

Plus 2day have had really bad backache, and slight cramp every now and then, is it just me or could i be pregnant? Sorry to keep posting just a bit worried thanks agen xxxx


courtnee - November 27

yea i thought i was pregnant in october because i was a week and a half late so i went to check and they told me if i had s_x within the last 10 days than it would probably not be very accurate. So i was to go back in a week or so but then i got my im waiting to see if its regular this month



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