Is It Pregnancy?

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an0n - January 26

I had sex on Jan 12 and 13. We had sex four times within those days, but all those times it was protected, plus he pulled out, and then we checked the condoms thoroughly and no leaks or holes. I have a normal menstrual cycle. On jan 25th, i got brown discharge but it is only mucousy and very light, that's it. With that, I've been getting slight cramps.To add in, I took plan b back in nov 1st 2015, bled four days after and my next period was delayed a week. I was wondering what the brown discharge could mean and if plan b affected my cycle and bleeding in any way? Thank you.


Grandpa Viv - January 28

Plan B taken early in the cycle often causes a bleed which resets the cycle to CD1. Brown discharge is "old blood" maybe left from the previous cycle. If you are worried about pregnancy you could run a home test a week from now just to make sure. Meanwhile keep up the good work with the condoms and consider vaginal spermicide inserts as a second line of defense.


an0n - January 30

Is it possible that the brown discharge was implementation bleeding? Bcos it wasn't leaking blood or anything, just very very very light mucousy discharge... idk if there's a difference between old blood discharge and implementation bleeding. 


an0n - January 30

*implantation. Considering how very careful we were, what are other ways of getting pregnant if the condoms didn't break? Cause I'm pretty certain no sperm has gotten inside. But he did finger me after cleaning himself, but his fingers were dry of semen... could it still be possible to get pregnant from that?


an0n - January 30

Also, I've been experiencing constipation, slight cramping, breast tendernes which could be indicators for my period coming, but the brown discharge is freaking me out a bit.


Grandpa Viv - January 31

Brown mucousy does not sound like implantation spotting. Since you were so careful with contraception I am thinking it must be a hangover from the Plan B even though that was long ago. The only way I can imagine semen getting in your vagina would be from having a quick dip before or after the main event. Hang in, your period is just around the corner. Run a home test if you want to relieve your fears.


an0n - February 9

I am a week late for my period so I went to the clinic yesterday to take a urine pregnancy test and got back a negative. Later in the night, I noticed pink discharge and am slight experiencing cramps. Also, my breasts are tender. But no other pregnancy symptoms. What could the pink discharge mean? I'm not looking for the right answer, but maybe some ideas of what it could be? And what are other factors of a delayed period if I got back a negative result? Do you think it is too early to have taken the test?


Grandpa Viv - February 9

It's almost 4 weeks since your exposure. Most pregnancies would give a positive by that time. Wait a week and run another if you wish. Meanwhile read up on ovarian cysts and glandular problems that can affect the menstrual cycle.


an0n - February 10

I acrually got my petiod tiday


an0n - February 10

I actually got my period today. Yesterday and today I got brown discharge, and today I started feeling period-like cramps and thankfully got my period. I was 39 days late. Thank you for your help.



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