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Krissy - December 19

Hi, Just a week ago i had s_x for the first time and the guy i was with did not use anything. He says he didnt c_m inside me but i know he was starting to cuz he finished on my inner thy. Now for the past three day i have had this kind of crampy feeling in my lower stomach....kind of warm sensation...and a little period is due around the 30th but both of us are worried it too early to have symptoms.......i have also be nauseated at night for the past two all this just from stressing out? any ideas please let me know.


kate - December 19

the egg might be inplanting itself you could get crampy.tests won't show until 4 days befor you period.


Grandpa Viv - December 19

Unprotected s_x on Day 10 of your 28 day cycle is not too cool. You ovulate on Day 14 plus or minus a couple, and sperm can live for up to 5 days. While you are describing a couple of early signs of pregnancy, it is possible to worry yourself into these. It is also possible to worry yourself out of a period. Lastly, even if you are establishing a chemical pregnancy, the chances of it not taking are higher than most care to believe. The bottom line is that you should wait until Sat Jan 8th before taking a home pregnancy test, first pee in the morning. We wish you luck.


Krissy - December 20

Thanks for the reply, I keep telling myself that the upset stomach is just my nerves all srewed up right now. The guy i slept with thinks the same but he is also worried i am pregnant cuz he already has one child so he has been asking me what i am going to do and i told him i will not have an abortion, he seems a little upset at this but i will not back down. Now he is saying that if i am he doesnt want to be with me, (we never wore in the first place just really good friends who got too drunk and i dont wanna be with him either) but he wants me to move in with him so he is sure he will see his child. His ex keeps his son from all the time. I dont know what to do or think and i really dont want to wait that long to take the test. I was told i could take it like that 28th and it will work then. Should i try it? again any advice i really appriciate it right now.


Grandpa Viv - December 20

Yeah, most guys think of abortion as contraception of the last resort. A girl really ought to have this discussion before she starts having s_x with a fellow. It tells you whether he is more interested in a relationship or getting his rocks off. If you want to take a test New Year's Day, it might tell you something, but if it is neg and you still have signs, you will be buying another the following week. Mail [email protected] and I will help you through this as best I am able.


t - December 20

Grandpa Viv, you're a really nice person. It's nice to read someone who isn't judgmental on this site!



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